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To the love of my life

No description

nathan apolo

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of To the love of my life

I will always be here for you
No matter how far
Where ever you may be
To the love of my life
I will always find a way to get to you
My love for you is a journey...
If you are asking if i want u,
Within you, I lose myself.
& you & me are two pieces
You are always special to me,
I didnt see just you,
Without you
I find myself wanting to be lost again
that starts at forever
the answer is forever.
If you are asking if I LOVE YOU,
If you are asking if I’d hurt you,
the answer is i do.
If you are asking what i value most,
the answer is YOU
The answer is never
and ends at never.
It’s like the World is a puzzle.
that fits together perfectly
I don’t know what the meaning of love is
but I always feel your love.
so I can not be away from you...
Then I looked into your eyes
I saw my today,
my tomorrow,
and my future for the rest of my life…
Aurelia Reyna Vera
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