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Star Wars Cell

No description

aphrodite urania

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Star Wars Cell

©SamznthaInzunza Star Wars Cell Nucleus Relation to Star Wars: The Darth Sidious is the nucleus because he controls everything in the Galactic Empire. Structure: The nucleus is a large, round oval structure located in the center of of the cell.
Function: The nucleus is the control center of the cell and contains DNA. Cell Membrane Structure: A thin flexible envelope that surrounds the cell.
Function: It allows the cell to change shape and controls what goes in and out of the cell.
Relation to Star Wars: The control room on the Death Star controls what goes in and out of the ship.
The cell wall controlls what goes in and out of the cell. Endoplasmic Reticulum Ribosomes Cytoplasm Nucleolus Mitochondria micro.magnet.fsu.edu © Structure: The ER is made up of a smooth ER and a rough ER; witch is studded with ribosomes.
Function: The smooth ER makes lipids and the rough ER makes proteins.
Relation to Star Wars: The galaxies are the space ships highway. The ER is the highway and transports proteins. Structure: Ribosomes are Small grain like bodies made up of mostly RNA. There are free ribosomes and bound ribosomes. The free are in the fluid of the cytoplasm; and the bound are attached to the outside of the ER.
Function: Ribosomes function as the site of protein synthesis in the cytoplasm. Produces proteins.
Relation to Star Wars: Star troopers are free and bound to the Death Star and others are free on land. Ribosomes are free in the fluid and bound on the ER. Structure: Nucleolus is a small dense object in the middle of the nucleus.
Function: The nucleolus makes special kind of RNA called rRNA amd mRNA.
Relation to Star Wars: Darth Vader is the nucleolus because he is in the middle of the Galactic Empire. The nucleolus is in the middle of the nucleus. The cytoplasm is the jelly like area between the cell membrane and the nucleus.
Function: The cytoplasm helps organelles move within the cell.
Relation to Star Wars: The halls of the Death Star help Storm Troopers move within the ship. The cytoplasm helps organelles move within the cell. micro.magnet.fsu.edu © originaltrilogy.com © ©starwars.com animalport.com © community.moviebattles.com © nursingcrib.com Structure: Mitochondria are small bean-shaped structure with a smooth outer membrane.
Function: The mitochondria transforms sugars in to energy for the cells usage.
Relation to Star Wars: the genorator woud make energy. Mitochondria makes energy from sugar. micro.magnet.fsu.edu © Cyto Skeleton Structure: The cyto skeleton extends throughout the cytoplasm of the cell.
Function: The cyto skeleton is like a skeleton for structure and motility.
Relation to Star Wars: The Death Star allows the people inside to move around within it. The Cyto skeleton it is the structure and mobility. entertainment.howstuffworks.com © sparknotes.com © Structure: The Golgi consist of flattened stacks.
Function: The Golgi works closely with the ER. The Gogi receives and modifies products made in the ER.
Relation to Star Wars: The droids receive packages. The Golgi recives and modifies packages. Golgi Body goldwingnetwork.com © © micro.magnet.fsu.edu stormtroopers.jpg © home.comcast.net © img.neoseeker.com © Chromosomes Structure: Chromosomes are rod-shaped bodies found in the nucleus.
Function: The chromosomes carrying genes of DNA.
Relation to Star Wars: Darth Sidious passed his hereditary traits to Darth Vader . Chromosomes pass on hereditary traits to new cells. © ateurope.org lysosomes Structure: Lysosomes structure is small and round found in the cytoplasm. They are made up of rough ER and then transferred to the Golgi apparatus.
Function: Lysosomes is a digestive organellein eukariotic cells.
Relation to Star Wars: The Trash Compactor is the garbage disposal in Star Wars. The lysosome is the garbage disposal of the cell and contains digestive enzymes that break down waste. micro.magnet.fsu.edu © © Vacuole Structure: Round sack found in the cytoplasm.
Function: Storage container. Stores water, waste, food, enzymes, etc..
Relation to Star Wars: The trash compactor is were they store the waste. The vacuole stores waste, etc.. erikstormtrooper.com erikstormtrooper.com © vacuole.usegrid.net © . "star wars." star wars. N.p., 2012 . Web. 12 Oct 2012. <starwars.com>. . "cells alive." cells alive. Quill Graphics , 1994 to 2012. Web. 12 Oct 2012. campbell, . biology conceots and connections. 6. san francisco: pearsons benjamin cummings, 2009, 2008, 2006. ch4. Print.
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