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WEFTEC 2012 Presentation

No description

Dustin Adams

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of WEFTEC 2012 Presentation

Bio-Nomic Services, Inc. Is Proud To Be The Sole Contractor In The U.S. For: The Acoustic Inspection device allows for sewer/storm segments to be inspected in a whole new light:


Less Complicated

Safer WEFTEC 2012 INNOVATIVE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Acoustic Sewer Inspection The Mission. Our Mission is to provide
state-of-the-art technology to expedite our services, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Receiver
“Listens” Transmitter
“Yells” How It Works.. With the latest equipment and certifications Bio-Nomic can provide detailed videos and data to any line of concern from 3” to 120”. With specialty equipment like explosion proof cameras Bio-Nomics can TV in dangerous situations as well as hard to reach projects using custom off road TV vehicles and CCTV INSPECTION Dredging & Dewatering Land Application Sewer Inspection & Maintenance Departments Carylon Offices Carylon Corporation Would Like To Welcome You
The Carylon Corporation Has 24 Locations Through out The US LASER-SONAR MULTI SENSOR INSPECTION AMP is an autonomous, Gyroscopic-based pipeline mapping system to locate XYZ location of underground utilities.
Access to hard to reach locations
Simplistic data retrieval and mapping process
Locates defects such as pipe sags, misaligned joins, horizontal and vertical defects.
Cloud based data storage CUES AMP Laser Profiling Sewer Inspection Using laser profiling in conjunction with CCTV our technicians collect survey data and create pipeline reports regarding the measurement of faults and other features inside the pipeline. The resulting CCTV images are then analyzed using innovative software. Multi Sensor Report A combination of three regularly used inspection techniques Sonar, Laser, and CCTV inspection create the Multi Sensor inspection. Multi Sensor inspections provides a true 360 degree view at both pipe condition and debris. Together, the raw and results data can establish a baseline for comparison with future inspections. AMP Mapping AMP Unit Sewer Cleaning Sewer Maintenance Sewers are quickly and thoroughly cleaned using high-velocity jetting equipment operating at pressures up to 2,500 psi and specially-designed, machine-driven buckets and scrapers that are specifically sized for the pipe being cleaned. Sewer Cleaning Sewer Cleaning Nozzles JetVac Combo Jet Truck BUCKET MACHINE CLEANING Root Cutting The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls root intrusion,"the most destructive single element facing those maintaining a wastewater collection system. Roots can be removed with specialized heads attached to jetter nozzles and driven by water at extremely high presure. Chain Knocking Using a epically designed head tuberculation, greases, and hardened debris can be removed from pipe walls.
Custom-built pressure chemical grouting equipment is used by trained technicians to stop infiltration/inflow by isolating and internally sealing leaks in sewers. Operation is handled entirely from above ground without any excavation, blockage of sewers or bypassing of sewage. Pressure Chemical Grout Lining of sewers using cured-in-place slip lining methods as well as various point repair technologies. These point repair methods utilize a 2 part epoxy/resin mixture that allows for different cure times depending on geographical location, temperature, or season. CIPP Point Repair Lateral Connection Repair Studies have shown that service laterals are often a source of significant infiltration. Using pressure chemical grouting & CIPP Methods we can quickly and effectively seal leaks in service laterals. LCR Chemical Grout Packer LCR Top Hat Repair LCR Point Repair Repair Installed LCR Point Repair Unit Dredging & Dewatering Why Choose Carylon Corporation Mobile Equipment Qualified technicians to perform site surveys and analysis samples. Most advanced
shallow draft equipment Optimum value can be achieved
by combining our Dredging, Dewatering
& Land Application services Carylon Corporation has over ... years of experience in sludge management and removal Land Application Be Sure Not To Flush Your Finances Hear Out Our Solution. Sewer Inspection Mobile dewatering equipment, including belt filter presses, recessed chamber plate and frame presses, centrifuges and transportable treatment units (for hazardous wastes) are used to reduce sludge to a dry cake-like material that is suitable for landfill disposal, incineration, recycling/recovery or beneficial reuse. Sludge Dewatering Capacity is often effected by overloading, loss of gas recovery, or invasion of crustacean, grit and trash. We now have 50 years of experience in bringing capacity to sluggish, overloaded even inoperable tanks. Digester Cleaning Sediment and oily wastes are removed using industrial vacuum equipment, specialized pumps, and mechanical equipment. Sludge Removal Liquid and dewatered biosolids are transported and land applied to permitted land application sites. Site acquisition, permitting, soil sampling, site monitoring and reporting services are provided in the biosolids application program. Biosolids Land Application Land application of biosolids has become one of the most cost-efficient biosolids management strategies, and we provide a full spectrum of services. Our experts consult with area farmers and county/state authorities to secure suitable land-application sites and obtain all required permits. Routine monitoring by certified agronomists ensures environmental compliance. Biosolids Land Application
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