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Katey Goins

on 14 March 2015

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Transcript of Netherlands

The Netherlands

Anne Frank House
Dom Tower
Royal Palace
Amsterdam, Netherland
The Dom Tower is the tallest church in the Utrecht
Netherlands.The Dom Tower is known to be a gothic-style tower that happens to be a symbol of the city.This tower was built between the 1321-1382.The Dom Tower was one of the largest towers constructed in Europe during the fourteenth century,it was to show the power of the country. The Dom Tower had about fourteen ringing bells each of the bells have names.The bells in the Dom Tower are mechanical chimes that play a melody every fifteen minutes the melody of the bells are changed every four years. The admission to enter the Dom Tower is $9 for adults and $5 for children under 12 and younger. The Dom Tower has been destroyed many times by fires and the weather.The tower was destroyed in 1674 by a tornado the tornado only destroyed part of the cathedral, the tower was still standing.But in 1836 the top part of the tower was heavily damaged by a storm.It takes 533 steps to reach the very top of the tower.The Dom Tower stands at about 475 feet tall.
The Netherlands is an constitutional monarchy. This means the Netherlands has two houses. The first chamber has the job of approving or vetoing legislative proposals. The Netherlands also has a second chamber, which discusses proposed legislation and reviews the actions of the cabinet. The cabinet is the main part of the Netherlands executive body in the dutch government.

The king of the Netherlands is King Willem-Alexander. The king became crowned around 2013. King Willem- Alexander's mother who was know as Queen Beatrix ruled before him from 1980 - 2013.

The royal palace is used for the royal family as a house. The royal palace is also used for entertaining and official functions,royal events.To get in the palace if you are 18 or under are free. If you are 18+ you are 10 euro=11.41 to US dollar.For visitors it is 13 euro=14.83 to get in.The royal palace is 350 years old.In 1808 king louis had the palace as his house he had a family to.How much did it cost to build the palace it cost 8.5 million it build the palace.The palace was built in the 17 century
The Anne Frank House (Huis) is where Anne Frank hid when the Nazis were capturing the jewish and others that were wrong in the Nazis eyes. The Anne Frank House is also partially a museum with the things Anne Frank owned,but it is also the house she actually hid in. You can tour where she hid and the museum.
To tour the Anne Frank House it costs 5 euros ($5.65) and a reservation fee of .50 euros (.57). So In total (U.S currency) is $6.22 for one ticket.
The Anne Frank House provides tours in 12 different languages for tourist around the world, such as, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, and Chinese.
The Anne Frank House provides different tours for children that is easier for them to handle and understand. The Anne Frank House provides visuals on the way Anne Frank lived and on her past before and during the time of the Nazis.
The Netherlands is a small country located around the north sea in the northern part of Europe.The Netherlands is bordered by Belgium and Germany. The Netherlands has four main regions such as the dunes,the polders,the sand plains,and the southern uplands.The dunes are high,sandy ridges where grass grows very tall.The polders lie mostly below sea level.The sand plains lie less than 100 feet (30 meters) above sea level in some places.The southern uplands form the highest land region.The highest point rises up to 1,053 feet (321 meters) near a place called Maostricht.The Netherlands has a mild damp climate.It has gentle winters and warm summers.The Netherlands often have floods killing thousands of people.The Netherlands is also sometimes called Holland and the people of the Netherlands like calling themselves the Nederlanders.They are also refered to the Dutch.And according to the old Dutch saying more than two-fifths of the country's land was once covered by seas,lakes,or swamps.They started draining most of the water and that area of land is now known as some of the richest farmland.Some areas in the Netherlands are now flat but the rest of the land is uplands meaning it has a lot of hills.
These are pictures of the Anne Frank House/Museum(left) and a picture of Anne Frank(right).
GDP Per Capita: 43,000 (2013)
Economic Activities:
Agriculture: 2.3% Manufacturing: 18.9% Service: 78.9%
Life Expectancy: Male: 79 years Female: 81 years
Labor Force: 7 Million people in total
Currency: The Netherlands currency is Euros

The Netherlands produce varities of products such as equipment/machinery, chemicals, and electronics. Amsterdam (capitol city) is famous for cutting and polishing diamonds. Their top food product is cheese, but they also produce, potatoes, sugar beets, tomatoes, and wheat. Many of the big products are flowers, flower bulbs, and mainly tulip bulbs.

The euro cash $5-500$.
The Netherland euro coin.
This is the euro symbol.

By: Megan Winebrenner, Katey Goins, Alexis Franzman, and Shaun Isgrigg
This is a side view of the Dom Tower
A map of the Netherlands along with
its major cities.
This is the Netherlands king, Willem-Alexander.
This is the Rijksmuseum
This is the Royal Palace
Resource: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/wfbExt/region_eur.html
Resource: http://www.annefrank.org/
The Rijksmuseum is located in Amsterdam,Netherlands. The Rijksmuseum opened in 1800. This museum is home to most of the art and history of the Netherlands.

You can get tickets at the museum or you can order them on-line. The tickets for people 18 years and under get in free. People 19 and older can buy tickets for 17.50 euros and $19.97.
Food: The most common breakfast food is poffertjes. Poffertjes are a pancake like dish, but they are, smaller, thicker, and sweeter. There is also a treacle waffle, best described as a waffle cookie because of size. Their lunch time usually starts at 12pm or 1pm. Lunch usually consists of bread with cold toppings, and usually only lasts 30 minutes. Their dinner (like ours) starts at 6pm. A traditional meal in the Netherlands consists of meat, bread, and cheese, also with an alcoholic beverage to drink. Cheese is their top food product so they eat it with lunch and dinner most of the time. Vending machines are a huge part of the snacking system, also, no one in the world consumes as much liquorice as the Netherlands. No fewer than 750,000 slices of bread is consumed each day.

Festivals: One main festival in the Netherlands is National Tulip Day.National Tulip Day is when over 200,000 flowers are placed in a garden/flower bed open to the public for free picking. National Tulip Day is to start the tulip season which is January all the way till the end of April.National Tulip Day is good for promotions of florists, supermarkets, and flower stands. Tulips that come from the Netherlands are usually the one that end up in our homes and on the shelves at our local grocery store. The Netherland tulips vary in color. Due to most tulips being in other countries stores and in our own homes the tulip is the Netherlands trademark flower.
This is the typical dinner food of the Netherlands.
This is a picture of a two ladies enjoying the inside of the Dom Tower
This is what an area looks like on National Tulip Day.
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