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Maya's Amazing Birthday

No description

Maya Chedraoui

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Maya's Amazing Birthday

Maya Chedraoui

Birth Stone & Flower
Emerald: -means loyalty, faithfulness, and friendship
- properties are memory, and clairvoyance
- often worn to promote healing
Famous People
Cheryl Burke, a dancer that has performed on Dancing With the Stars was born in 1984

Noah Munck, he played Gibby on iCarly, was born in 1996
Constitution Day in Poland
-started in 1791
-was the second constitution in the world

Weather Statistics for May 3, 2000
- average temperature was 56.5 degrees
- average sea level pressure was 30.25in
- average dew point was 39.7 degrees
- total rain reported was .01in
- average wind speed was 3.80mph
Additional Facts
Taurus is the zodiac sign for May
The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus
Lily of the Valley
In folklore it is supposed to protect gardens from evil spirits.
Andy Adams
-born on May 3, 1859
-wrote The Wells Brothers
-born in Whitley County, Indiana
-died on September 26, 1935
Historical Events
Kentucky Derby
Kentucky Derby
-started in 1875
- only six women have ridden in the Derby, Diane Crump was the first, in 1970, and none finished better than 11th
May 3
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