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2. Membership Responsibilities

This webinar will cover your responsibilities with the CWPA including preseason, during the season, and postseason. Once you have identified additional people to help with the various tasks (administration, recruiting, coaching)

Katie Wieber

on 5 October 2017

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Transcript of 2. Membership Responsibilities

Membership Responsibilities
Daily Responsibilities:
Check email
Review phone messages
Check CWPA website/twitter
(3 Primary Tasks)
Task 1: Report Scores
Send all scores to office@collegiatewaterpolo.org

Send scores Sunday night after your tournament

Send white copies of score sheets to CWPA office: 129 West 4h St, Bridgeport, PA 19405
Task 1: Select Next Year's Leadership NOW
Statistics show that teams with succession plans...
Consistently perform better
Maintain better participation
Commit fewer No-contests
Training Process:
Select underclassmen that show leadership potential
Include them in all discussions and planning
Endorse them in front of team members
Task 2: Update Contact Info
Go to the CWPA website
Look under the "Forms" tab
Click on "Update Team Information"
Add people you want on the distribution list
Task 3: Submit Media Guide Info
Media Guides are posted online in September and February
Media Guide Info Needed:
Roster with Cap Numbers

Profile about your team

Use online form to submit information (Under the "Forms" tab on CWPA website)
Task 4: Participation Agreement
Send link to Club Supervisor to submit form

Due Dates:
June 1st for Fall (Men's) Season
December 15th for Spring (Women's) Season
Task 5: Book Hotels
CWPA reserves room blocks based on:
Comp Ratio
Staying at the CWPA Hotel Saves You Money!
CWPA Hotel rates are normally below what you can get on your own

Reservation blocks generate comp rooms for officials (which helps to keep league fees lower)

Proven history- you avoid hotels with bad reputations
How to Reserve Hotels
Go to "Hotels/Travel" page under the "Membership" tab on the CWPA website

Select your season

Select the link next to your tournament date and location

Complete the online form through
Book My Group
to reserve rooms

*Be sure to make reservations before the cutoff date!
Task 2: Submit Tournament Feedback Form
We want to hear how the host team did!

We cannot be at every tournament so please let us know what a great job the host team did, or if there were any issues

Tournament Feedback Form can be found on the CWPA website under the "Forms" tab
Task 3: Submit Referee Evaluation
Key way to give feedback to referees and officiating bureau

Referee Evaluation Form can be found on the CWPA website under the "Forms" tab
Task 4: Rank Your Athletes
Rank your athletes for All Conference voting after regular season completion:
October for Fall Season
April for Spring Season

List up to 5 field players, position, and cap number
List top goalie
Task 5: Optional Items
Submit Hotel Feedback Form

Send in any pictures from tournaments (and get a FREE t-shirt)

Nominate Player of the Week
include stats and a picture
(5 Primary Tasks)
Task 1: Vote for All Conference Team
Coaches rank top 5 from their own team
CWPA Distributes ballot to all teams
Teams vote using ranking as a guide
Votes are tallied and teams announced
Top 14 Receive Certificates (1st and 2nd Team)
Top 7 Receive additional award (1st Team)
*Optional Awards:
All America, Scholar Athlete
Task 2: Annual Conference Call
Sets annual schedule
Covers league business
Provides opportunity to discuss proposals

Bring to the Call:
dates your team cannot play
dates you can host games
Task 3: Find New Leaders
Ensure school administrators know who will take over responsibilities

Update CWPA membership information
Player of the Week: http://www.collegiatewaterpolo.org/Records/POW/PlayeroftheWeekNominationForm
Hotel Feedback: http://www.collegiatewaterpolo.org/Forms/hotelfeedbackform

Contact the CWPA office
Don't forget to take the quiz!
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