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Team Rage Presentation

No description

Judy Lyring

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Team Rage Presentation

Markstrat Simulation
Strategic Brand Management Team Rage BCG Matrix Team Dashboard Why did we fail?
-Misunderstood the concept of re-launch.

-Loss of market share due to a new unknown brand.

-We lost our cash cow.

-Had we kept the same brand name and modified our product to the perceived values, we would have been successful in increasing purchase intentions. Roll to Roulet what we did right? -Strategic ad messages in the beginning

-Strong distribution panels, divided to appropriate targets

-Gained early market share in Rock & Roll First mover advantage? -Retro launched as a Vodite in period 3, first with only one other product: Seeker

-May have made a mistake in period 5, when we withdrew Retro and did some R&D modifications (we thought to better please customers)

-Launched Reload in period 6

-By Period 10 there were five Vodites, with Reload holding the smallest market share Where we went wrong? -In period 5, Roll had 24% market share in professionals.

-Period 6: we withdrew Roll and relaunched a modified brand but did not keep brand name.

-In doing this, we killed our Cash Cow and lost all the brand loyalty and awareness. Rock Romp Modification
-Product design Market growth rate slows down -Target segment: Savers -Market share: shrinking 27%--16%--15%--6% Target market: Shoppers Market share: Increasing


-ranked as the second one in period 10 Roulet Target market: Professionals LOOP & MOVES & TOPS No products for Professionals:

-Relatively high market share

-Generating revenue: averagely 18.8% Three major competitors:

-Low market share Reload Reload: Highest market share Find the balance between cost and revenue Rouge Target segment: High Earners Rouge Only 1% of the market share Not profitable at all what we have or had? Rock Romp Roulet What actually happened

-Heavy expenditure on advertising Roulet

-Lost the market share in period 6

-Saw great declines in revenues

-Brand awareness was just 27% among target segment (i.e. Professionals) Aimed to launch an ideal product for Shoppers to diversify portfolio.

Shoppers advantage:

1) Market size increasing
2) Expected growth till next 5 periods
3) Long term plan
4) Had Rock for Savers, Roulet for professionals. Go for Shoppers!
5) Had only 2 competing products Sobe and Moon. Romp-a ray of hope Sonite Dashboard Expecting it to be a Cash Cow Target segment: Innovators Vodite Dashboard What we did right? Roll to Roulet-a misunderstood venture INTENTIONS
-To re-launch Roll as the ideal product perceived by Professionals

-Roll was cash cow, but regression models showed a need to change specification in terms of battery life

-Launched Roulet with ideal perceived values. What are we expecting? Rouge: an attempt to repurpose -In an attempt to make the most out of the R&D we’d already completed, Team Rage launched Rouge in period 9.

-Used existing R&D base project

-Altered advertising message to reach High Earners

-Gained 11% market share in two periods in Explorers but only 1% of the targeted high Earners. The End
Thanks Edward Alcide, Adelyn Biedenbach, Judy He, Atul Gupta, Tarun Nagdev Team Rage: rise & fall
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