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Introducing Coconut Water

No description

Kailee Milon

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Introducing Coconut Water

100% Pure:
Stick that in your Juice Box Introducing Naked's New product coconut water Lanse Delara, Ida Dillingoen, Kailee Milon, Christopher Nebenzahl Hopping on The Green Bus Everyone is a winner to the Naked Eye Everyone loves Stacy's Mom Whats so great about it? She's got it going on.
20% of other juice and drink medium
users have children under age of 2.
She is being watched.
Calling all Cougars win a trip to Cancun with 3 friends
Revitalize yourself
Relive your youth
Imagine Yourself here... Stacy’s Mom
Daily Routine
Enjoys coconut water and transforms
Juxtaposition of busy life and relaxation
Stacy’s Mom
Health Benefits
Green, Pure, Naked
Rainforest Alliance
Going Green Rehydrates and Revives
Unique combination of nutrients
Boost your immune system
Nature's own sports drink Breakeven
1,094,166 Bottles
Prestige Pricing
This is how its going to happen.. MO1 : Naked Juice storming Consumers MINDS!
Get 50% of new Coconut Water consumers to identify Naked Juice as their preferred brand of natural beverages by end of 2010.

MO2 : All Eggs in One Basket
Diversify production sites and expand beyond the current coconut farming locations to at least double the resources that Naked Juice can tap into by end of 2010.

MO3 : Broadening Naked Horizons!
Get Naked Juice products into 60% of higher end fast food restaurants by the end of 2010. (Ex.: Bruggers, Chipotle, Garbonzos, Zaxby’s Coffee)
OMG! Coconut Water!
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