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Villainous Monologues

A Guide to Diabolical Public Speaking

Phillip Soucy

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Villainous Monologues

Clear voice
Project across audience
Eye contact
Comfortable hand movement
How do you carry yourself?
Open/Power stance
Mental Preparedness


Public Speaking

as a

Phil Soucy


Dan Chakmakjian
Villainous Monologues:
A Guide to Diabolical Public Speaking
'Evening, Commissioner...
Look at the paper you took upon arriving.
What does it say?
You're out of luck.
1 minute speech
Answers that question
Given at end of period
Have fun with it!
Why villains?
They are amazing at speaking (before they lose)
Elements of Public Speaking
Dealing with Inattentive Listeners
Stare them down
Call them out
Keep your presentation moving
Overcoming Inhibitions and Anxiety
Everyone has a different temperament and not everyone is a natural
Plan beforehand
Practice with others on your staff
Remember even if they’re bored you’re in charge so they can’t leave
Use your strengths, speak more softly (still clearly) if you need to and say things concisely
Common Mistakes
Looking away from the group
Looking down
Being unprepared
Submissive body language
Making Your Message Stick
Find a creative way while planning to say it
Repeat the core points in your presentation
Have a visual to use
Ensure that you follow up in an email with the points you made
Learn something from the best.
Uses strengths
Clear message
Power stance
Keeps audience on toes
Comfortable Movement
Hand gestures (intimidating)
Clear message
Power position - have to listen
Excited about topic
Projects voice
Now it's your turn...
Minute Long Speeches
Minute Long Speeches
What was your favorite toy as a child and why?
Who is your favorite Super-Villain and why?
If you were a wheel where would you roll?
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