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Handwriting for Teachers

RELT Task 5

Ann-Marie Bunker

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Handwriting for Teachers

Hand Writing Helps for Teachers re your students struggling with handwriting? here are 8 components of handwriting Can Help Memory: quick, automatic recall of
letters and numbers is critical for
student success. Orientation: Students will make mistakes
at first, but with good coaching they
will learn proper orientation. Placement: Put the letters and
numbers on the baseline, every time. Size: Control the size so that writing
is not too big for current grade. Start: Good starting position
helps students improve as
speed increases Sequence: The ability to correctly write the characters in correct order will help students
as they improve their skill Control: Improves with practice
and time. Ensure proper pencil grip Spacing: Important for the legibility
and uniformity of writing. eaching these components will help your students improve their handwriting. But, how do you teach it... Give your student a writing sheet
on which he or she is given characters
to copy. Like this... have them copy the letters. Then provide immediate feedback by writing
letters correctly with a highlighter. Like this... Have the student trace over your writing, correcting the whole letter, not just the
portions missed. Like this... Then on a new line have the student practice only
Those letters missed. aybe this strategy won't work for you.
Here are some other resources to try... Here are three great resources: 3. Handwriting Instruction: What Do We Know? ERIC Digest 1. 2. It's been my pleasure talking to you.

This has been... atch this presentation to learn
components of handwriting
How to teach handwriting
additional resources rimary grades need to focus on
their basic mechanics and mastering
their letter formations.
There are several activities that a teacher
can use to help the students master their
handwriting skills. Students can use their finger to space their words and lines.
The teacher can give play dough to the students so they can form letters. pper grades need to practice their speed, legibility and execution.
A teacher can have the students write in a journal
or participate in a daily writers workshop.
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