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Mayan Achievements

Ny'Asiah Gordon, Kayla Rivers, Shannon Wilson,& Nadia Stokes

Nyasiah Gordon

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Mayan Achievements

Mayan Achievements Science and Technology Arts and Architecture Language and Writing The Maya made important breakthroughs in astronomy. The Maya used their observations to calculate their solar year (365.2420 days). With these calculations, the Maya also created the solar calendar of 365 days. Mayan astronomy and calendar making depended on a good understanding of mathematics. The Maya number system was similar to ours,but instead of being based on the number 10 it was based on 20. The Mayans also recognized the need for a ... In the Mayan system for writing number included a dot for 1, a bar for 5, and a shell for 0. To add and subtract, Mayans lined up two numbers and combined or took away dots and bars. The Maya were very gifted in the arts. They used paints from colors mixed from minerals and plants. You can see the artistry of Mayan painters in the Bomanpak murals, found in Chinapas,Mexico. The murals show nobles and priests, as well as battle scenes,
and human sacrifice. The Maya also constructed upright stone slabs called steles. Steles were often placed in front of temples. Most steles stood between 5 and 12 feet tall, some rose high as 30 feet tall. Steles had 3D carvings of gods and rulers. Sometimes the Maya even inscribed them with dates and hieroglyphics in honor of significant events. Another important art was weaving. The Maya women wove colorful cloths in complex patterns. Women embroidered tunics called hulpiles and fashioned lengths of cloth for trade. People from different towns can be distinguished by the colors and patterns of their garments. An unusual feature of Mayan building was a type of arch called corbel vault. Builders stacked stones so that they gradually angled in toward each other to form a triangular archway. The archway always had nine stone layers, representing the nine layers of the underworld. The Maya developed the most complex system of writing . They used hieroglyphics to represent sounds, words, and ideas. Overtime, the Maya created hundreds of glyphs. Eventually, scribes could write down anything in the spoken language. Not all Mayan tribes shared the same language. Instead they spoke related dialects. Today it is said that about 4 million Mesoamericans still speak one of 30 or so Mayan languages. In the end, the Maya has made many contributions to modern society. Their accomplishments still have an impact on lives today, and without them things like tracking the date would be very difficult. Thank You. Ny'Asiah Gordon
Nadia Stokes
Kayla Rivers
Zhyann Williams &
Shannon Wilson
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