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Data About Us

By Madihah, Milan, Marta and Jack


on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Data About Us

Data About Us Different Graphs Line Plot
Bar graph
Pie Graph
Coordinate Graph By Madihah, Milan, Marta, and Jack Mean Median and Mode Video We'll explain what each one is with activities in between the video Different Averages Mean
Mode The Big Strip Activity Two volounteers will come up and
hold the two ends of this big strip
and fold it. The number it folds on
is the median of this made up random
data. This is one way of getting the
median. Of course, we don't always do
this method of finding out the median.
So, we'll explain the other ways.
The Mean On the board, we will put a random set of numbers
and find the mean out for you. Then we will walk you
through the process with another set of numbers.
After that one of you can come up and there will be
another set of numbers and the volunteer can find the
mean theirselves. The Mode
Now, we will do an activity similar to the mean activity. Everybody in the class will say a number that is under 10. Then, we will help you find the mode for that data. **The End!!!** Hope you learned something and thanks for watching!!!
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