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About Anime

Gives a description of what anime is.

Diamon Lennon

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of About Anime

ANIME The earliest known anime dates back to 1917 and in 1980 was introduced outside Japan. Anime as some people get it confused is just an abbreviation of the word animation. The most popular anime currently in Japan is Full Metal Alchemist. As where in the United States the most popular anime is Naruto. Anime has a large influence on people everywhere. In some cases people have gone as far as to commit Mangamoord or manga murder. If you were to look it up you would probably find that many people have done very similar things.
Another case involving the popular anime and manga series Death Note took place in China. There the anime was banned because students there had taken their notebooks and fashioned them to look like the Death Note as well as writing down the names of people that they knew. Ranging from enemies and acquaintances. Anime ranges from many different historical events. From the Great Depression to the Third Reich. It is hard to know how many animes that exsist and in all honesty I don't think that anyone really knows however, no matter they are still enjoyable to watch. Anime List
Dragon Ball (series)
Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Ghost In A Shell
Black cat
Darker Than Black
Hellsing Ultimate
Soul Eater
Ghost Hunt
Death Note
Ergo Proxy
Highschool Of The Dead
Final Fantasy VII
Trinity Blood
Full Metal Alchemist
Burst Angel Cosplaying is a very large part of the anime world. This is where a person will dress up and as their favorite anime character and in some cases even take on that character's personality. Some Genres are:
Mystery Anime Ranges from many different Genres. There isn't a genres that anime has not covered. There are many manufactures when it comes to anime. Some of those manufactures being:
MadHouse Anime conventions are very popular among Otaku, or people who are considered "anime nerds". There are actually several anime conventions (also referred to as anime cons).
Anime Conventions:
Sakura con
Kamikazecon The chracter design in anime has been inspired by many different sources as well as cultures. Each character is unique in its own way. Each showing an individuality of its own.
Also the genres of an anime can also depict what an anime character might look like as well as the time period that, that anime takes place. Also another part in anime is Manga. Usually this comes before the actual anime is made. This is the printed version. THE END There are varius animes that have made. Here are some of which are popular among Americans and the Japanese.
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