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All About Me 2

No description

Saige Sisson

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of All About Me 2

All About Me By: Saige Sisson I have 2 half brothers and one step brother ans sister at my Dads house. At my Moms house I have one step brother and one littke baby brother that is coming on the way. Family Members Pets Lucey Summer Morgan Harley My Activities Basketball The reason why I like playing
basketball is because it an awesome
sport. Snowboard During the winter I snowboard.
I have been snowboarding for 4 years
now this year will be my 5. Fun Places I have
been to! Once a year I always go to Ohio
to see my family. Its so much fun
because we get to go to the mall there. The most stores I like are areopostale and the shoes store though are my favorite places to shop at. Birthday Year: Month: Day of month: Burst stone color: 1999 July 20th ruby red I have been to Missouri for my mom
work. She was working on boats for
flooring. It was fun because when my
mom was working on the boat I was
playing on the dock. I had a shake in
my hand. There was a duck that was
chasing me for the shake.It was lot of
fun....... I go to my Dads for 6 weeks
during the summer time. When
I go there my birthday is always
there and so we invite my sisters
friends because I really don't have
friends down there. But I do love my
father very much cause I very don't
get to see him that often. I also do track like 70mm dash,
100mm dash, and shot put. The
reason why I do track is that I
love to run alot. Friends Mykenize M. Olivia C. Sabrina L. Shelby M. KitKat H. Kayla G. Courtney C. Taylor H. Plus more! Places I want to go! I want to go to: Disney world in Florida Washington D.C. Los Angeles in California Thanks for watching!! :)
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