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Someone LIke You

No description

paw wah

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Someone LIke You

Someone Like You Internal Conflict The internal conflict is will be about how she has to deal with her best friend problems and Macon. because she love both of them so much. she doesn't want to loose one of them. Halley had a lot of things that struggled her but she always find her way no matter what. Halley is nice to everyone that around her, she know how her best friend scarlett feel about loosing her boy friend but Scarlett never give up on her. Sarah Dessen Someone Like You protagonist The protagonist is Halley, she is Sixteen years old and she is the only child in her family. and Halley parents had trust her so much. Halley dad doesn't talk a lot but he always on Halley side, no matter when Halley had a problems, he always bring something for Halley to feel better. Realistic Fiction Discuss the title of the book "someone like you. any guy would be damn lucky to have you, Halley, and you know it. you're beautiful and smart and loyal and funny. you're special"
Scarlett was describe Halley that she was nice to her no matter how hard she was involved in. and Scarlett was so happy that She had Halley and to understand her. Antagonist the antagonist is Scarlett, Macon and Halley mother. Scarlett need Halley when she has a bad situation and she want Halley to be on her side, Macon is the person that Halley in love with, Halley try to do everything for him but some of them Halley can't because Halley don't want her life end up like Scarlett. Halley mother misunderstand Her with Macon and Scarlett, Her mom want Halley to tell the truth but there is something that Halley can't say because she alerady promise to Scarlett. about Macon she Can't tell her mom yet because she not ready to tell her yet. External Conflict "I don't care what I have to do," she said, her voice low and even. "I don't care if I have to send you away or switch schools. I don't care if I have to follow you twenty-four hours a day, you will not see him, Halley. You will not destroy yourself this way."
The External conflict is how Halley mom misunderstand her about everything that she did. when Halley with Scarlett or Macon she mom thought she going to do something that will rude her future. and her mom was worried about her. she don't want her life to end up same with Scarlett. what make this book fit its genre? 1 book review Someone Like You was a great book! I really liked it because it was about the crazy teenage life of two girls. The book had everything from first love to teen pregnancy. But no matter how many trials the girls go through they find friendship helps them get through it, all.
By: Student
http://www.amazon.com/Someone-Like-You-Sarah-Dessen/product-reviews/0142401773/ref=cm_cr_pr_btm_link_5?ie=UTF8&pageNumber=5&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending I agree with this book review because we all need a best friends that we can trust and support us. 2 Book Review Sarah Dessen "Life is an ugly, awful place not to have a best friend". Sarah Dessen The author is connected to the book because Sarah Dessen wrote a lot of about teens book. what inspired is she was enjoy the writing and it was helpful for many teens that read her book because there are many lesson for teens to learn and know about it. This book is a realistic fiction and it fit the story because Halley had a relationship with someone but that relationship never come true to her because of her mom, her mom trying to stop her everything that she did, and her mom want her to tell her everything that she can't tell. her mom want her not to go out with any body. This book fit the genre because it true for some teens that parents don't want their child to go out with a strange person. The main Character, setting, main conflict The main character is Halley Cooke. she was struggling with her relationship with her mom and her new relationship with her boy friend Macon and also Halley was struggling to support her pregnant best friend. Halley was shy and get nervous easily. Halley live in Lakeview where the neighborhood of friends. I would recommend this book to every teenage girl, cause Scarlett and Halley talk about how two teenage girls deal with a problem of her best friend being pregnant. If you have a best friend this is a good book to read cause it show to girls stick together no matter what happens. Scarlett and Halley show how true friends really care for each other. This book talks about every thing it even talks about a relationship between a child and a parent. "Some One Like You" it's a book to read, when some one is looking for a book to read, don't think it twice and read "Some One Like You".
By: Jessica Vasquez
I also agree with the book review because it show how strong friend ship are and are thankful to have a best friends. i like it when it said "Girls Stick together no matter what happen".
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