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Krishne Thayaparan

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site that is used by billions all over the world.
It is the second most popular site in the world, after

Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin.

Foundation date:
Febuary 4th, 2004

Facebook originated in America, when Mark Zuckerburg and his friends made the site for Havard University (his university). It expanded to nearby universities in Boston, then to highschools. Now it is available all over the world to anyone over 13 years of age.
It is free and enables users to connect with friends and family from anywhere in the world
It is used to post pictures and videos for others to see.
2004 - Mark Zuckerburg first opened up Facebook to the students of Harvard University

2005 Dec - Facebook added the feature of tagging photos

2006 Sep - The original News Feed was added

2011 July - Facebook joins with Skype to add video chat

2011 Oct - Facebook iPad app is made

2012 Jan - The timeline becomes available to everyone

2013 Jan and Apr - New emoticons are launched

Mark Zuckerburg
Profile Page
The Like button of Facebook enables the user to tell others that they like another user's photo, advertisement, comment or page. It then appears that they like this on their friends page, letting them see what you've liked and, if they want, do the same.

Other people can look at your site and friend it, comment on it and like your pictures, comments and locations.
To sign up to Facebook, the site asks for age, email and gender. It will then give you a profile page.
On average, 350 million photos are uploaded onto Facebook each day
The average Facebook user posts 25 comments per month
48% of 18 to 34 year olds check their Facebook as soon as they wake up
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Statics on the Web
My stats
In Febuary and March ,2014 I did a survey on certain veiws of Facebook, that was done by a year 8 class.
Out of the 21 people who did the survey:

38% (8 people) don't
Out of the 13 people who have Facebook:

8.33% of people created an account when they were younger than 10 yrs old
The rest (58.33%) created an account when they were older than 13.
One third created one between the ages of 10 and 13
54% of people who have an account have met all their Facebook friends in person, ...
...15% haven't...
... and 31% have met more than half.
62% (13 People)have a Facebook account
There is a greater percentage of males that have an account (year 8) than females.
17% of girls
83 % of boys
This is because

of people found it
33% of people, who have Facebook, haven't told their parents.
Facebook's terms and conditions state that any photo or video you post on the site can be sold, edited or used in anyway, by the company. Facebook can delete your account at any time. When you de-activate your account it will still be accessible to the company of Facebook. Facebook can use any information it retrieves of you to sell or improve marketing on the site . This includes tracking what you do on the web, by using cookies. They are allowed to use your feedback in anyway they want, without your consent. They can delete your account if your information is not up to date. There has also been a rumor that when you delete your account, Facebook doesn't delete all your data.
confusing and/or unnecessarily long
33% have needed to
Improving the
personal saftey
of the site
Based on my findings I think there are a few ways that Facebook can improve its privacy on the site.
Although Facebook says that it does not allow under thirteens to create an account nearly half the year that has an account said that they got one when they were under the age limit. The social media site should try to do better in preventing this.
Facebook's Terms and Conditions seem to be exceedingly long and, although all of the stated terms are important, they should try reduce it or make a quick reading list for users so every user can know what they are expected of and not be tempted to skip it.

Although half went through the privacy settings, it should be necessary for people to go through it as soon as they were given an account. This could be by making it come up as soon as the account making is completed. Half of us think we are moderatly safe and Facebook will keep us so, but users need to be completely sure of what Facebook can do to their page and make sure their privacy is as safe as they want it to be.
The Facebook feature "timeline", lets the user post their location, photos, videos, major life milestones and special events in order of date. The user can; let everyone see the content, hide content and feature content. It can then be liked and commented by anyone who sees it.
Features of Facebook
The user's profile page shows the user's favourite music, movies, tv shows and timeline along with details like where they studied and worked.
for watching
Rights and Responsibilities
User’s have the right to post anything unless it is illegal, violent or reveals anyone’s private information. They have the responsibility to get consent from user’s if needed, read the privacy policy and delete data if requested. Facebook has the responsibility of removing content that violates their terms and conditions.
Ethical issues
There are a lot of social ethical matters to consider when using Facebook. You must not post offensive or racist content on Facebook, not bully or say offensive comments to people, not post other’s content without permission from them or collect information about others without their consent. Facebook has the right to disable your account at anytime that seems fit, if you don’t follow their policies.
What users must be informed of when using this site:
Beware of what you post. Anyone can see and use this
Read the terms and conditions, and the privacy settings so you know what is expected of you
Be wary of who you friend
Don't put your personal identity on Facebook. Anyone can use this against you
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