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2013 Annual Accomplishments

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Adam Van Sickle

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Annual Accomplishments

2013 Annual Accomplishments

Youth Services
Goal #1: Reader’s Advisory
Worked in collaboration with Patron Services members to design, implement, and respond to the Personal Librarian requests.
Hosted several trainings that included reader’s advisory topics.
Created a “Staff Picks” grab & go bag
Goal #5: Collaborations/Outreach
Worked with Systems of Education to provide the space for parents/children to sign up for the Summer Sampler Program

Worked with Systems of Education to design and distribute Summer Passports for families.

Distributed Spanish and English Born to Read packets to St. John’s Hospital so every new parent goes home with information about the importance of reading as well as board books.

Distributed Kindergarten packets to local schools so each child receives a Birthday card from the library, with information about getting a library card.

Provided the space for a New Teacher Orientation and sent out information inviting teacher’s to request our services.
Goal #4: Space/flow/décor
Rearranged the teen space based on feedback from the teens.
Worked on sprucing up old picture books by removing stickers.
Added the “READ” art, designed by Cindy.
Implemented a J New Books display

Goal #3: 75th Anniversary
Provided theme-specific links and books on our website each month.

Created “Something Cool After School” activities to address the monthly themes.
Goal #2: Summer Reading
Provided an internship opportunity.
Streamlined the sign-up process.
Designed a singular cart to address all of the Summer Reading materials/prizes/etc.
Assisted the programs team to provide the Stuffed Animal Sleepover (and other programs as needed).
Collaborated with other organizations that serve youth to provide a space for crafts, activities.

Collaborated with Patron Services members and the Friends of Pathways to design and implement the Trail Story
Presented during College Ready Program at JHHS to 140+ students
Led break out sessions at JHHS for First-Generation College-Bound students
Translated for College Programming at JHHS
Taught ACT prep classes at Summit High School
Taught ACT prep classes at JHHS
Coordinated with multiple district teachers for class visits, scavenger hunt, etc.
Worked on the CLL committee to plan for and implement a better book selection at the jail
Collaborated with the Episcopal Church and the Food Bank to provide snacks throughout the summer and after school.
Assists with book clubs and origami clubs
Patron Services
Goal #1: "Be ambassadors of the 75th themes"
Created the Monthly Book Displays and icons every month. Selected and kept displays stocked and signs up.

Created and added to 75th theme monthly Pinterest boards.

Participated in monthly brainstorming meetings for future months.
Goal #4: "Increase desk functionality, efficiencies and quality of services at the front desk, and support pages and circulation flow of materials."
Revamped community clearinghouse.

Got new library cards: New look, shorter number:

Revamped holds system with auto emails and streamlined phone contact

Launched WF courtesy notices email

Doubled our courier pick ups and opened the holds map to all Jackson patrons to check out Alta materials.
Goal #3: "Prioritize Readers Advisory
Hosted 5 Reader’s Advisory, book-blind-dating, and Goodreads trainings for staff and increased our comfort level and ability to recommend books to patrons.

Book blind dating program for patrons.

Personal librarian contributions: logo, reference form. Since the YPL's launch in June:
17 adult requests
8 youth/teen requests.

Goal #2: "Contribute to social media platforms and increase engagement to patrons and staff"
Steady contributions to TCL Facebook, Pinterest and Goodreads pages.

Library blind book dating initiative.

Do-It-Yourself craft nights.

Spanish computer classes.
Conducted 11 library tours in Spanish and English

Cindy’s illustrations for the pathway story – Summer reading

Consistently worked the public desks with style and class, going the extra mile for patrons.

2013 Fines Happen
Book suggestion Read-a-Like and database suggestion placards in the stacks.

RA bookmarks with reviews, gift bookmarker tags – “gift picks from your personal librarians.”

Increased staff-wide
reviews by 40% from 2012 to 2013 with a total of 89.

KHOL shows:
"From the Back of the Stacks"
- monthly - completed 4th year.

"Jackson Reads"
- weekly - featuring a review of the most popular book at the library this week)

"TCL calendar"
- weekly - a selection of the library's programs for that week
Proposed a new fees policy.

Created cheat sheet for Lost, Missing, DMG Lost.

Hired and trained 8 new pages

Increased shelf reading for pages

Launched new Enterprise catalog.
Goal #1: Normalize Building Operations
We worked with the Library Board to review and prioritize staff suggestions for improvements to the Virginian Lane entry

We worked with the architects to bring some additional options for enhancing the West Reading Area to the Foundation

We made a great transition with respect to changeover of the Facilities Manager position

We've fine-tuned a lot of building details – like adding a bigger window to the staff entrance door, finally figuring out the HVAC system problems with too hot/too cold areas, adding occ/vacant locks to the staff bathrooms, getting the backyard grass established, adjusting/adding signage . . .
Goal #2: Develop Library Compensation Philosophy, Policy, Structure
We established a Compensation Committee that included library staff members, foundation members and library board members. The issues around library salaries have been exhaustively examined, up to the level of a board-wide discussion and decision to stick with the County timeline.
Goal #3: Review Library Personnel Policies for Improvements
The only substantive change was around aligning annual performance reviews with annual planning.
Other Accomplishments:
Working with the Library Board to actively recruit new incoming members
Getting the Library Board training around Advocacy
Finishing the Building Project On Time & On Budget
Developing & implementing an updated Meeting Room Policy that allows for-profit businesses to use the rooms for a fee
Initiating a Fees Committee to look at all library fees for changes
Computer and Information
Goal#1: Redesign "Learn" Tab on tclib.org to better convey reference, database, technology and employment -seeking services and resources. Establish responsibilities for maintaining content for categories with the "Learn" tab.
Worked with Jason and Communications to find the best way to make needed changes

Updated information on the JH Employment, Housing, Arts, National Parks and Forests, Ski Resorts, and Transportation pages
Goal#2: Design and implement reference services to meet the info needs of the community.
Implemented text reference service using Mosio
Worked with Communications and 75th celebration to promote reference services
Suzanne and Kurt trained to be healthcare.gov Navigators
Goal#3: Match our database resources to specific audience who may benefit from our resources through targeted outreach or programs in collaboration with other library staff and teams. Potential audiences: employment seekers, high school students, nonprofits.
Did 2 trainings with the community for Foundation Center grant resources.

Worked with YS to find good, useful databases for students.

Participated in 75th celebrations promoting databases.
Goal#4: Address computer center issues to make it more user friendly
Increased computer time to 90 minutes.

Worked with it to arrange for scanners to help patrons log in (work in progress).
Goal#5: Develop user-friendly system for public and staff to schedule and sign up for computer classroom space
Collaborated with other teams to make a calendar for managing use of the computer lab

Worked with others to maintain appointments in the calendar
Alta Branch
Summer Reading: Wiggle and Squirm, Read to a Worm

Cowboy Songs and Cake - Seniors Event: Mike Hurwitz and the Aimless Drifters

One World, Many Stories book club: monthly meeting

Audio Book Club - all ages: weekly meetings

Special Meeting Book Club: Discussed Cheryl Strayed's "Wild"

Halloween Party

Volunteer Appreciation Party
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Stuff
open and close library,
discharge and charge library materials,
place Holds for patrons,
assist in use of computers,
help patrons with research,
monthly reports,
supervise volunteers with shelving and other projects,
coordinate staff schedule,
schedule staff trainings,
make art table available for public use: special projects like snowflakes or leaves, decorate library for fall or winter, etc.,
conduct StoryTimes,
create Alta PRFs for communications team,

1. 75th Anniversary Year-Long Promotion
• Coordinate and execute monthly-themed promotions, garnering significant cross team collaboration and contributions from all teams

• Coordinate consistent messaging & keep staff informed and engaged in the campaign

• Maintained web page content, promoted on social media

• Use 75th Anniversary Promotion with staff feedback to create 2014 marketing campaign
5. News Coverage of events and services
Averaged 13 article placements per month from May-November with 26 in October alone
4. Library Advocacy
• Produce and coordinate talking points on library budget issues, document patron comments on wiki.

• Begin formulating strategy for documenting and telling “our story” with patron profiles, staff profiles, social service, education and economic stories –> to articulate key collaborations, gaps we’re filling the community, and how we reach underserved community members.

• Developed 2014 marketing campaign to support Strategic Directions.
3. Branding Consistency to Library Materials and New Library Design
• Create branding consistency with advertising and promo pieces (thanks Walt!)

• Finish new logo branding of library stationary and library cards with nametags slated for Jan 2014
2. Digital Marketing & Social Media
• Create, train & coordinate social media teams for Facebook and Pinterest staff interest; set guidelines for posts and engagement

• Monitor & respond to social media comments, review platform efforts; initiate use of Instagram

• contract research for a new email marketing platform; will make switch and revamp ecalendar in 2014
• Gained followers across all platforms expanding our reach

• Hosted our first social media contest

• Worked with Tony to integrate auto fill function for events from PRF system to Google calendars; Then worked with NaG to enable auto fill function from Google Calendars to NaG event website – translates into a significant increase in workload efficiencies
ILLS (VDX) and work with Eva,
handle the courier boxes twice a week,
making Holds available to patrons and calling patrons,
work with various departments at TETN to get business done ie. IT or facilities director etc., seek and receive assistance from Adam in patron services, work on collection development with Susan C.,
send TETN holds to TETN, keep things organized,
work with custodian to coordinate cleaning,
manage budgets,
review and FAX vouchers,
order programming supplies,
coordinate meeting room use,
become more efficient and competent at my job,
write annual plans,
clean fish tank,
Education & Programs
Latino Outreach

Parenting classes

26 Spanish monthly Story-times (Dual Immersion, ELL, Teton Literacy Center, Children's Learning Center)

Plazas Comunitarias

Cuenta Conmigo

Read to your child workshops
Volunteers and Community Led Libraries
Gingerbread House decorating

Children’s author Lauren Tarshis

Children's Summer Reading

Halloween Parade

Dr. Seuss Day
Afterschool Teen Clubs

Teen Chess tournaments

Teen Sword fighting workshop

Teen Origami Workshops

Community Entry Services Wii Bowling

Teen Summer Reading
Mountain Story Festival

Poetry Month Celebration

Writers at the Library Series: Terry Tempest Williams, Gretel Erlich, Ted Kerasote

Creative Writing Workshop Series: Food Writing, Narrative Non-Fiction, Memoir Writing

Shannon Troxler Missing Pages Exhibit
Children's day, book day

Day of the Dead

Latino crafts

Crochet chicas on Saturdays

Summer Exito para Todos

Tlaxcala Festival

Poetry readings
Information Technology
Updated ring group arrangements as we modified public desk arrangements.

Worked with the Filament Mind artists to make their vision function ( ftp server, network modifications etc)

Researched then increased bandwidth here and in Alta with a Compunet connection

Increased and updated wireless access points

Increased wireless throughput with new Network manager
New Filemaker server!

Installed new games on all Game Consoles

Setup the new firewall replacing a 10 year old version, which can incorporate at least 4 incoming IPS, and prioritize internet traffic

Zimbra, convert all the previous emails, contacts, calendars to be viewable in the unified system

New library cards working with self checkers and DVD Vending

Barcode scanners for all public PCs (coming this month!)

Signs policy committee, auditorium policy committee, strategic directions, facilities committee
Setup remote access for remote HVAC and auditorium contractors.

Replaced older staff computers and laptops

Computer Sale

Our highest Web site numbers had 27,556 visitors one month.
Jackson Wireless Users: 3,341
Alta Wireless Users: 77

Worked with Communications on Google+ and YouTube.

New Employment Application form that can actually be filled in!

92Y working... repair broken disk bracket and work with the allighners.
Completion of $500,000+ facility enrichment and enhancements campaign

Completion of State Matching Endowment Challenge increasing our permanent endowment fund by nearly $1,500,000

Receipt of most significant legacy gift in the organization's history

Most successful Old Bill's Fun Run Campaign in Foundation history: more money and more gifts than ever and tremendous satisfaction in hearing from the community about how delighted they were to see the library's amazing staff as the focus of this year's campaign

Awesome Page to the Podium and Author Chat with Cheryl Strayed

Fastest Library Benefit sell out in history of event...a good time was had by ALL!

Successful start to organizational transition to be completed by 1/1/14: Foundation's continued success will depend as much on you as it does on Foundation staff!
Collection Development
Continued to develop our collection as usual
10,400 books, DVDs, console games, music CDs, CDBooks, Playaways, ebooks and eaudiobooks added to the collection-- reviewed, chosen, ordered, processed, cataloged, and provided to the public. Collection maintenance as usual: thousands of books weeded, hundreds of snags resolved, hundreds of purchase suggestions filled.
Coordinated and completed inventory of the entire collection (Tetn and Alta) with lots of help
Work Processes and Staffing
Marisa trained 13 staff in CPR, AED, and FirstAid

Began to plan knowledge sharing and training as we move closer to Linda’s retirement

Hired and trained Jessica from Tech to her new selector position

Hired and trained Anna to work in Tech Services and ILL

Merged Collection Development and Tech Services Teams
Improved Collection Organization and Access: Projects big and small
Implemented 3 new catalog locations (YA_GRAPHIC, YA_SPANISH, JV_GRAPHIC)

Implemented system for linking books by author's other than the deceased author but under the deceased author's name

Created improved organization for classical and Oversize music CDs

Moved Alta YA DVDs into Alta Adult DVD collection

Relabeled historical local phonebooks

Cleaned up catalog records of Paperback call #s which have been discarded

Finished the move
Coordinated and completed final collection move to current library space in January, including space planning, moving, shelf reading, endcap signage, floorplans, relinking hundreds of items that had been in storage, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (with everyone’s help!)
Cleaned up non-serial catalog records linked to serial records for better access

Implemented a system with Alta Branch manager to clean up in-transit items

Switched out book club bags to a newer more appealing bag

Created CDBook Bio Collection, Storytime Book Collection

Added Freegal music download service to our digital media resources

Developed downloadable audiobook collection in Overdrive

Coming soon: Horror DVD Collection, French and Russian language mini-collections

Completed a detailed plan to circulate eReaders stocked with eBooks in 2014
Library Board
Library Board
Drafted a new mission statement:

"TCL is the community's open door to a world of opportunity and fulfillment through resources, programs and services that connect, inspire and educate."
Book Nook: Sorting Donations, Operations, & Staffing
Library Special Delivery (Distributing Books to Seniors)
Volunteer Income Tax Program (VITA)
Books Bags for Library
Community Book Sale (Large)
Distribute books to Community: Community booths, Various Community Organizations and Programs

Book Nook Sales YTD (Late Jan-Nov2013): $ 17,660
Average daily sales YTD: $ 81
Coffee donations YTD: $ 1,026
Airport Bookshelf Sales YTD: $ 1,686
Estimated Books Sold in Nook YTD: 7,610 (excludes books given away)
Library Special Delivery Distribution YTD: 1,698
Attended a Library Board Advocacy training with John Heyman
Strategic Directions:
Met volunteer needs of library
Volunteer Hours YTD (Jan-Nov 2013): 8,898
Value of Volunteer Hours YTD: $193,877
Instances of Volunteerism YTD: 2,304
Built positive relationships with Teton County Library Friends
Book Nook-Plan, Develop, Recruit Volunteers, Operate, & Sustain
Book Nook Substitutes Coordinator
Recruitment of many new volunteers
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
Jail Bookshelf (Community Led Libraries)
Proficiency at circulation desk

Completed work on and trained staff on Auditorium, YS Auditorium, Computer Lab, DVD Vending machine, CIC Scanner, all study rooms

Minecraft on all Kids PCs and XBoxes!
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