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Nick Lindsay

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Microphone Types
Dynamic Microphones
Thanks for checking out and rating my presentation of the two most important types of microphones used in music production. In reflection of completing this assignment, I feel as though I challenged myself by trying a new and novel medium for presenting and teaching a topic. Although I am very inexperience with this online program, I am excited to explore the different techniques available with Prezi so that I may produce more informative and helpful presentations for all of you fine people!
Condenser microphones will be your "go to" microphones for studio recording.
Condenser Microphones
Hello, my name is Nick Lindsay from Pennsylvania, USA and this is my presentation on Microphone types for the Introduction to Music Production class. We will look into the details of the two types described in our lectures, condenser and dynamic microphones.
If you are new to prezi (as I was just before making this presentation), then welcome and holy crap this thing is cool! I believe the best way to experience this presentation is by going through in order by clicking on the arrows at the bottom middle of the screen. You can also freely navigate the entire presentation by zooming and clicking on any of the frames, pictures, etc.

Enjoy, and thanks for checking out my presentation!
These microphones are very
to their input and thus produce a
Because of their sensitivity, condenser mics can be troublesome when used in live settings since this will usually require monitor speakers. Since condenser mics are intended to capture the sound of the room rather than a very central, direct sound, this microphone will likely pick up the output of monitor speakers and cause feedback
Phantom power (+48 or 48V) is required with these kind of microphones to function. This is usually a button or a switch found on your interface or mixer.
Great for studio vocals and instruments
Able to reproduce a wide spectrum of frequencies evenly
Useful in a wide range of situations, good starting point.
Large diaphram condenser microphones
Small diaphram condenser microphones
Best for capturing fast sounds, such as stringed instruments
Useful in concert recording
Dynamic mics are
and commonly used in
Fairly resistant to moisture and physical damage
Designed to pick up sound produced directly in front of it and ignore other sounds surrounding the space
Limited frequency response range
Makes it ideal for loud guitar amps, live vocals and drums
Unlike condenser mics, dynamic microphones do not require a separate power source to function such as phantom power, they are ready to go when plugged in.
However, this means that the sound they produce is not as accurate as a condenser microphone.
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