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Green Clean

The Netherlands Product Expansion

Ryan Moebius

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Green Clean

The Netherlands
Product Expansion Is Expansion the
Right Move for Our
Company? Pros
•Avoid declining domestic market
•Expand market size
•Seek growth opportunities
•Cut costs
•Increase product line/mix
•Fierce competition
•Start-up costs
•Overseas production
Keys to Success
•Growth through acquisition of another existing business (almost always smaller in size)
•Offering franchise ownership to other entrepreneurs
•Licensing of intellectual property to third parties
•Establishment of business agreements with distributorships and/or dealerships
•Pursuing new marketing routes (such as catalogs)
•Joining industry cooperatives to achieve savings in certain common areas of operation, including advertising and purchasing
•public stock offerings
•Employee stock ownership plans
The Netherlands:
Social Customs What do we Need to Learn
About the Netherlands? Dutch Pride
Cultural Diversity
Receptive to Foreign Influence
High Tolerance to Difference
The Dutch People
Middle Class
Nuclear Families
A Private People
The Netherlands:
Business Customs The business relationship between the Netherlands and the United States is one of the oldest in the history of the United States, dating all the way back to the American Revolution. Introductions
Handshaking is the most proper way to meet someone.
Always repeat your name during an introduction.
•Close friends may kiss each other on the cheek, three times alternating sides of the face, starting on the left.
First names should only be used with family and close friends.
Oriented Contracts are strictly enforced and adhered to The Netherlands is a value-added economy meaning that it imports and then re-exports goods to other countries, due to the fact that they have very little natural resources of their own. 19 Percent tax on the majority of goods sold in their country and another tax on importing Things to Note:
Men and Women Wear formal suits
Eye Contact is Important
Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, is located in the Netherlands. It is referred to as the “Gateway to Europe” because of its location.

It is your move management... This report was brought to you by the hard work of:
Pamela Winfrey
Jennifer Maule
Eric Katz
Jeffery Wells
Ryan Moebius

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