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No description

teresa pelow

on 2 June 2015

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I was staggering quite a bit, but I did not care if I looked less than graceful. I just needed to be outside I let myself feel the warmth on my skin, the grass beneath my toes. Even things in nature seemed to be bred into something extravagant here. I meant to go all the way into the trees, but my legs only carried me so far. I collapsed in front of a small stone bench and sat there, my fine gold dress in the grass and my head resting in my arms on the seat.
My body didn't have the energy to sob, so the tears that came out were quiet. Still, they took all my focus. How did i get here? How did i let this happen? What would become of me here?Would I ever get back any piece of the life I'd had before this?I just didn't know. And there wasn't a thing I could do about any of it.
I was so consumed with my thoughts that I didn't realize I wasn't alone until Prince Maxon spoke.

I will tell you why. This is an amazing book!It is more for tweens and teens, but of course adults can read this book ,too! when you are a teenager you enter a new world full of stress. The Selection helps the reader escape your troubles and enter a new world. I guarantee The Selection will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading! The Selection is not like other books, it takes place in the future and its concept is extremely intriguing!
The Selection starts with America Singer being chosen to participate in the selection. The selection is a chance for 35 young girls to go to the palace, get pampered, and to fight for the heart of Prince Maxon Schreave. For most girls this a dream come true, but not for America Singer because this means splitting up with Aspen, her first love, but is he really her only love? As she spends more time with Maxon, America starts to think, are there sparks between them?

" Are you all right my dear ?" he asked me.
" I am not your dear." I looked up to glare at him.There would be no mistaking the disgust in my tone or eyes
" What have I done to offend you? Did i not give you the very thing you asked for ? " He was genuinely confused by my response. I suppose he expected us all to adore him and thank our lucky stars for his existence .
I stared him down without fear, though the effect was probably weakened by my tear stained cheeks.
"Excuse me, dear, are you going to keep crying?" he asked, sounding very put out by the thought.
" Don't call me that! I am no more dear to you than the 34 other strangers you have here in your cage."
He walked closer, not seeming at all offended by my loose speech. He just looked... thoughtful. It was an interesting expression on his face .
Taken from the selection novel.

There are countless reviews on this book and almost all are positive. Yes, there are many reviews from famous critics who adore these books, but the reviews I have for you are from girls , your age and are just regular kids in a classroom.
Caroline Barnes is a thirteen year old girl, who said " The Selection has something for everyone ; action, romance, thriller. It is a fantastic book and there is no other way to explain it."
The Selection is an outstanding book and that is why you should definitely read it.
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