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How to tell the Beatles apart.

No description

madison b

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of How to tell the Beatles apart.

Two of the fab-four are quite easy to pick out.

Easy ones.
The other half o the fab-four are a little difficult if you aren't an obsessed Beatles fan.
It gets difficult here.
How to tell the Beatles apart
Quiz time
Ringo Starr
He has a big nose....
His head is very round.
Older years:
Tinted glasses
Paul McCartney
Very boyish
He always looked kinda goofy
"Cherubic"-(thanks, mom)
John Lennon
Earlier Years:
Thick eyebrows
Thin, long nose
Later years:
A lot easier.
Harry Potter glasses.
Long hair
George Harrison
Thickest, darkest eyebrows
Younger-looking face
Looked like a happy jesus in his long hair phase
At one point, a beard and mustache with the long hair.
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