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all about me!

No description

josie shu.

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of all about me!

My Favorite thing! Some of my favorite things are....
MUSTACHES!!!! Funniest moment with friends! Something really funny that Alexa did was.....
we were playing the clarinet, in the middle of our song she accidently turned it in her mouth while we where playing . So Alexa and i were laughing so hard. Another time was when she killed a duck but she really just made a loud squeak. MY FAVORITE COLOR!! My favorite color is teal! What is my favorite food!! My favorite food are ribs, steak, chicken, salad, and mac n cheese. What is my favorite movie! Some of my favorite movies are Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn 2. My pets that I have are a guinea pig (Neo),my puppy (Toby)and I also have fish. Pets All about me by Josie! Soccer Last year in 2012, we won the Soccer Championship!The awesome coach is my Dad. Cheerleading! Last year in 2012, I did a jump off and I won second.Yay!!!! School! Some people might be suprised but I like school because I get to see my friends and I also like to learn. Grades! I have always had very good grades! My favorite songs! Some of my favorite songs are trouble by Taylor Swift,Daylight by Maroon5,C'mon by Ke$ha and many others! Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! I think u all know that i love to shop and get shoes but can u guess which one is my favorite?Flip-flops or boots. Candy! my favorite candies are mamba,skittles,fun-dip,choclate,and ........TWIX! Favorite vacation spot My favorite vacation spot is Disney World Florida. My favorite ride in Disney are Expedition Everest and Tower of Terror. My favorite drink.

My favorite drinks are juice,eggnog and mio. Favorite shows! My favorite shows are Duck Dynasty, Cheer Perfection, Dance Moms, Storage Wars and Victorious.
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