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Coutomer Insight2

Shut up and listen!

Andy Tyerman

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Coutomer Insight2

Education Marketplace Listen! Don't talk Buy! Buy! Buy! 6 hours
18 pages of written notes Why did we need insight? we have reached the 'converted'
indicators of a 'stuck' group
need to try something new What did the insight tell us? + real life stories
+ benefits
+ good progress
- misconceptions
- misunderstanding
- confusion
So what stood out? One size no longer fits all:
While many cultural generalities hold true, schools have different needs depending on:
> Primary/secondary school
> Calibre of SMT
> LA
> Culture/locality -urban/rural
> Stage on LP journey
> LP experiences to date and as a result we will... Consider,do we need more versions?
More effort with partnerships to broadcast messages on our behalf
Give more direction
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