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Take a Walk In My Shoes

No description

Jamie Pernick

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Take a Walk In My Shoes

Take a Walk In My Shoes
Why Are We All Here Today?
The Purpose of Today's Journey:
*To discuss ways to implement substance abuse programs in an effort to eliminate addiction in our schools

*To educate ourselves about substance abuse (the who, the why, the what...)

*To inspire and empower YOU, the students, to take charge and lead the effort towards combating substance abuse in our school and community

Why You?
According to Forbes:

*Leaders challenge people to think
*Leaders lead by example
*Leaders problem solve and avoid procrastination
*Leaders bring positive energy and attitude
*Leaders take on tasks that are unpopular
We Must Work As A Team!!!!
Welcome Student Leaders!!!!
Welcome to the 7th Annual Kids Escaping Drugs Summit at the Chapel @ Crosspoint!

Your guides on this journey today are Mrs. Theresa Adamec and Mr. Jamie Pernick, Assistant Principals at Lancaster High School. More importantly we are loving and dedicated parents to our children, lifelong advocates for children and active concerned members of our community.

Teambuilding Activity
Tower Builders
Purpose: Build the tallest tower using only the supplies given (tape, paper)

Rules: -Only use the supplies given
- Absolutley NO talking among your teams (use non-verbal communication)
-You have exactly 7 minutes to complete the task

**The team with the tallest, free standing tower wins!

Good Luck!

Who Are We Up Against?

Think...Write.. Round Robin-Profile Activity

1. First Person Starts with clipboard, paper and pen
2. First person writes an appropriate answer to question
3. First Person passes clipboard and pen to next team member
4. The process repeats all the way around until the time is up
What are the characteristics of a typical substance abuser?
(physical, social, emotional, etc.)
This is Michael Israel and his father Avi...
Michael suffered from Crohn's Disease and after multiple surgeries
and failed treatments, doctors prescribed him painkillers...
Michael became addicted, was overcome by depression, and committed suicide. (You can read more about his story at savethemichaels.org)
What Are We Up Against?
Myth Vs. Reality
(Fact Vs. Crap)

-Simply listen to the "Myths" given and try to dispel them by coming up with the "reality."
-Work with your team to develop a response. Pass the clipboard clockwise to each team member.
Fact or Crap?
1. Marijuana is not harmful because it is "all natural" and comes from a plant.

2. It's o.k. to use marijuana occasionally as long as you are not a chronic "stoner."

3. Because sniffing powdered heroin doesn't require needles, it isn't as risky as injecting it .

4. Truth is most people know when someone is using, especially parents.

5. Alcohol is nothing to worry about compared to other drug.

Reality Check!!!
1. Marijuana smoke contains some of the same cancer-causing compounds as tobacco, sometimes in higher concentrations.

2. Occasional use can lead to frequent use.

3. Heroin is dangerous no matter how it's ingested. Once addicted to heroin, users may eventually switch to injecting the drug because it's cheaper. (40% of high school seniors polled do not believe there is a great risk in trying heroin).

4. From masking breath to special containers, gadgets, ordinary household items, teens are a neverending source of ingenuity when it comes to hiding drug use.

5. Alcohol kills 6.5 times more kids than all other drugs combined.
An old man and a child went fishing on a river. No sooner had they gotten their lines into the water than they noticed a child floating down the river in distress. Quickly, they pulled the child into their tiny fishing boat. Soon another child came floating by, then another both of whom they rescued. The old man starting rowing toward shore when the child pointed upstream and yelled, “Wait, we have room for one more.” To this, the man replied, “No, we must go ashore and find out who’s throwing all these children into the water.”
Your Task
In your teams, discuss this quote and how it relates to the challenges we as leaders face when confronting the issue of substance abuse in our schools and communities.
Life Vest
Society is constantly forced to throw "life vests" to people involved in substance abuse. Fact is we are not really saving anybody and eventually, as did the grandfather from the previous story, we are forced to pass by those in need because we run out of resources.
Discuss some ideas in your teams that might get to the root of the problem and attack this issue where it is needed: at the person on shore throwing our kids in the water! Write them down on the Life Vests provided. Write your ideas down on your life vests and take them back to your schools.
This is Joe.....
Above the Influence
Each of you will have 20 minutes to design your own sticker representing your pledge to stay "Above the Influence." Leaders lead by example and this is a symbol of your promise and willingness to carry the torch for your school's mission to be drug free!
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