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Liam Hedley

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Personal/ All about me
Some of my hobbies include cricket, football, playing my I Pod and listening to music. my talents are reading, maths and sport
Hobbies/ talents/ skills/ achievements
The past 13 weeks of being a vice school captain has taught me how to listen to other peoples ideas, set up fund raising for the school and to corporate. It has already been great and I can't wait to do more Leadership things.
We read a book called "A long walk to water"it is about two people in Sudan with one running away from his school because of war and the other has to make 4 hour trips for water. I also finished a story about a boy that is trying to find proof that he did not stab his uncle while the police are after him.
It was so hot with cross contary I didn't care what I came just as long as I finished it. I did well in athletics as I got 4 fourths and 1 third. The sovereign hill camp was awesome! Here are some pics:
out of school activites
My favorite Subject is reading and I also don't mind maths. My favorite specialst
subject is PE. I enjoy playing football and cricket,also a bit of soccer. I like listening to music such as AC/DC, Kiss and Bon Jovi
We have been doing alot of persentages, fractions and decemals. We also did "chocolate maths" It is where you work out sums from a 10X4 chocolate block. Eg 10X4= 40 (whole block) 1 piece of chocolate is 5 grams ( 1 out of the 40 pieces)
My Portfolo
By Liam Hedley
Some Deakin Uni students did science with us. We learnt about tectonic plates, earthquakes and tornadoes.
Braydon Lamaro, Lochlan Morrssey, Lewis Campbell, Bailey Atkinson and Lewis Goodman
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