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Child Labour

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on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Child Labour

Innocent and poor children are victims of child labour.

Melanie & Rita
What is Child Labour?
What is Child Labour?
Sporting Equipments
Nike has been found using child labour in Pakistan creating soccer balls, and shoes. Child labourers working in India's footwear industry has a chance of getting cancer, and skin infections. Also, children making soccer balls in India use needles and knives that often cut their fingers. Due to lack of proper sanitation, they can easily become infected.
Malala Yousafzai
Children in the firework industry work with gunpowder, which is very hazardous. The firework factories often get explosions, which will lead them to be severely injured, or may even lead to death. In China, if a child fails to make fireworks properly, then the child is forced to explode it onto themselves.
Children working in tobacco fields absorb lots of nicotine. It's equivalent to a smoker in public. Also, they absorb a lot of toxic pesticides. Some children in the United States work in tobacco fields on school holidays. Child labourers working in tobacco fields have a very high chance of getting Green tobacco sickness. Green tobacco sickness is a type of nicotine poisoning caused by wet tobacco plants.
Child labour
Children working in Democratic Republic of Congo diamond industry are living in a constant fear of getting shot by armed guards. Child labourers who are very poor sometimes hide diamonds in their mouth to sell. If they get caught, they will be killed by one of the armed guards.
If a big order comes, children in India are forced to work from dawn to midnight. A child labourer says that "If any of us cried, we were hit by a rubber pipe. Some of the boys had oily cloths stuffed in our mouths as a punishment."
Child labour
Say no to child labour, but say yes to education
Kids go to work instead of going to school, just to earn money for their families.
Textiles & Garments
Child labour is not simply a child working, it's a child working in hazardous conditions. Child labourers are physically and mentally harmed, and it also interferes with education. However, they get still get payed, but with a very low wage, and sometimes they don't even get payed. They are usually separated from their families. Child labour occur mostly in developing countries. Poverty is the primary cause of child labour. Child labour involves agriculture, mining, domestic services, construction, armed conflicts, etc.
Did you know?
There are more than 200 million child labourers around the world, and every year, around 22 000 children die from work related accidents.
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