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My Journey with MLK Jr

No description

Andre Lee

on 13 January 2018

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Transcript of My Journey with MLK Jr

My Journey with MLK Jr
Andr e' L. Lee

Filed federal complaint against Tunica , MS
for miss-use of federal sewage funds and won.

Case called “Sugar ditch”

Featured episode on Sixty Minutes

Sued Tunica , MS 1985

My civil rights journey begins innocently
and with out forethought with a chance meeting with Martin Luther King Jr….


“We must use time creatively…
and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do great things.” Martin Luther King

Final Words of Inescapable Obligation

One of last two ministers with MLK.
Fraternity brother and officiated at sisters funeral

Rev Harold Middleton

Civil Rights Activist

Picture taken at conference

Al Sharpton

Served on hospice board with him and Dick Gregory


Iconic and totally uncivilized

Dick Gregory

Served on hospice board
with Rev Osborne (in middle).
Personal Assistant to Ms Coretta King

Coretta King’s Assistant

Rev Lowery and I served together
to try and save black hospitals along with Congressman Louis Stokes.

Picture taken at press conference
I coordinated the event.

We failed

Worked together 1986

Julian Bond was the key note speaker

No incident but we had a nice time at a club after the speech

Next Year

The National head of the Urban League, Vernon Jordan, was shot in Fort Wayne

I was among the last 10 people to see him before the incident.
He survived and so did I after much hoopla

Shots Rang out May 29, 1980

In 1980, Vernon Jordan was shot in the back by
a white supremacist who said he was out to kill "race-mixers." The Jordan shooting occurred at 2 a.m. as he was returning to his motel with a white woman. The shooter was acquitted at trial but later admitted the act.

There by accident-Ft Wayne

Sued local club in Ft Wayne, IN
for discrimination on admission.
Won suit

Civil Rights Suit

Was a patient in my first hospital
Highland Park General Hospital
in Michigan

Rosa Parks

I was a sophomore in the front row
I slipped back stage and spoke solo to him, took a photo


February 11, 1965
On Thursday, February 11, 1965, more than 4,000 students and community residents attended a campus visit and lecture by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. It was standing room only in the Auditorium, with the overflow crowd packed into the Fairchild Theater where they could hear the civil rights leader's speech.

Martin Luther King Jr. Visits MSU

My Civil Rights Journey

Andre' L. Lee

One of two last men to be with MLK

Rev Samuel Billie Kyle

Interacted several times on various projects
over several years

Jesse Jackson

It’s about the people

He sat in my kitchen and offer me
a job at hospital in Atlanta!

Joseph Lowery, head of the SCLC

An Icon

My first train ride was the Chattanooga Choo Choo from Detroit to Birmingham.

Boxed Fried chicken, colored water fountains and colored rest rooms.

I was 7 years old but I remember

Grade School
My first movie was this movie duo
In the balcony of the Ritz Theatre
The colored section in Talladega, AL

Abbott & Costello
Attended one and only meeting of
black health administrators at White House, 1974, under President Ford

(I am at top of stairs-East Wing)

White House
Dick Gregory Nov 2016
MLK III-Nov 2016
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