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Activity 3.2 Financial Plan

No description

Jordan Mariona

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Activity 3.2 Financial Plan

Activity 3.2 Financial Plan
by Jordan Mariona
How will I achieve ths goal?
Cutting down on "wants"
I will achieve this goal by taking $150 from my paycheck
every week and put it into a savings account.

To cut down on wants I will not:
Not buy food at the cafe
Pack a lunch
Avoid impulse purchase
Avoid the mall unless there is a sale of something I need
In conclusion:
$2000 will take 13 weeks to save.
I will be able to buy a nicer car
I will cut down on my spending.
Step 2: When Do I Want To Complete My Goal
I want to reach my goal as soon as possible. The sooner I can buy a car the better. If I can save $150 a week I can have $2000 in 13 weeks.
Step 1: What's Your Goal?
Monthly Savings
I will have to save about $600 a month so save up $2000.
I will ber saving for just over three months
My goal is to save up $2000 so I can afford a better car
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