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Ben Borges

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of OUR COUNTRY

By Simeon, Ben, Jake, and Davis
Our Video
Russian History
Largest natural gas exporter in the world
First to harvest Cavier. Popular dish
Stalin started industrial focus in Russia
High, steep roofs, long one floored buildings
Kremlin- Military fort
Large extravagent palaces
Factories and farms
Long history of C'zars and dictators
The way food is prepared is impacted by culture
Russian Folk Instruments:
Communist revolution in 1917
Gender Roles
Gudòk- Fiddle
Russia Today
Balalaika- string instrument
Women are considered "Prettier sex"
always dress nice and in high heels
care more about children and husband then working
Many woman work. Treated well by men
Industrial giant, world superpower
Backwards social policies
Gùsli- String Instrument
Originated in Middle Ages, has been passed down through folk families.
Produces massive amounts of oil
Impacts of Landscape on Culture
Russia gains big profit from all of oil
Oil and minerals from landscape has given people jobs and effected culture
Eat meats,vegetables ,soups, stews and lots of dark, heavy bread.
Recent Russia
Oil and Gas are half of revenue
Russia being hammered by dropping prices of oil
Russian Sports
Soccer is the most popular sport in Russia, along with ice hockey and chess
Russian Garry Kasparov is regarded as the best chess player of all time
Economy in trouble
Prices dropping daily

They have a history of finishing well in the Olympic games
Leader maker and exporter of minerals and gold
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. Russia's largest religon is Orthodox Christainity which 75% of population are
. Othodox Christainity is traditional or folk religon
. Many of the Orthodox beliefers do not attend church regularly
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