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Introduction to Voice Acting

No description

Rachael Mess

on 4 August 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to Voice Acting

Introduction to Voice Acting
Rachael Messer
Voice Acting Vs. Voice Over
Voice Over- Any recorded voice
Examples: Any commercials,T.V. shows, Radio ads, Narration.
Any voice heard but not seen

Voice Acting: Has to have a character associated with it.
Animes, Cartoons, some commercials, Radio plays, Video Games
Types of people that tend to be drawn toward voice acting
-Singers, Musicians
-Improv Actors

Getting Started
-What field do you want to go into?
- Demo Reel
Different Voices
-Creating and Finding different voices
-What if I can't do a lot of voices?
-Play around
-Avoiding Vocal Damage

Recording Equipment
Where can you find it?
-Best Buy, Guitar Center, ebay, Online
What kind is best?
-Usb Mic
-Analogue Mic
Accesories: Popper stopper, stand, bounce screen
Recording Area
-Things that make noise you might not realize( fridge, cars outside, bugs, animals, peoples footsteps, air conditioners, fans, computers)
-Soft Cloth
-No echos or slight noises
-Always listen back through headphones
Who I am
What Ive done
-Started in Tulsa, Oklahoma
-Interested in voice work
-No classes in college
-Wanted to take workshops
-Small Projects
Helpful things in voice work
Where you can find voice acting
-Video Games
- Commericals
-Radio Plays
- Visual Comics
I Know That Voice
Recording Studios
-Dont blow out ears
-Dont top out Mic
-Audacity isn't good
about this
-TV commercials, movies
-Volume adjusting, Just skip over
Pop Filter
Mic Stands
Portable Vocal Booth
Demo Reels
Summary and Recap
What to expect Tomorrow
Where can you find voice auditions?

P.S. Hand out sheets here
-Voice Acting Alliance
- Voice Acting Club
- New Grounds
- Vocal Loco
- Behind the Voice Actors
-Voice Bunny

-Over email
-In Person
-Over Skype
Through Email
-Warm up
-Set up Space
- Look over the project (and I mean all of it)
- Practice the lines before and look at the character design
-Record, listen back, save and send
In Person
- Warm up (Sing) in the car
- Arrive an hour early (Theate is thirty)
- Sign in or let them know you are here
-Be Nice!
-Practice audition sides.... aloud
-Relax, breathe, have fun! This is your one guaranteed chance to be this character.
Over Skype
-Add them well in advance
-Warm up
-Look good (Not a chance to be sloppy)
- Check connections before the call
- Read through before the call
- Be personable
-Have an audio sample ready if you arnt recording in studio
-Have resume and demo mp3 on hand
What is a demo reel
Catching Attention
(In a good way)
Catching Attention
(In a not so good way)
What they are looking for
Types of Voice Reels
Creating Characters and Developing Voices
-Warm ups
-Changing your voice lecture and one on one practice
-Studio walk through
-Auditions/ Recording
Please Bring
-Note book
-Water bottle
-Clothing you can move in but doesn't make a lot of noise

Thank You!
-3 A.M. ENT
- Video Games
-It's Just Brunch
Types of Mics
Types of Mic Connections
Condenser Mic
Dynamic mic
Jack Plug
XLR Plug
Shock Mounts
-Voice Lab
-Smart Record
-Recorder Plus
-Garage Band

-Voices to be as different as possible
-Be nice to everyone
-Acting world is small, but voice over is oh so much smaller

What if I can't do different voices?
Fear not!
- 80% of the work most voice work is normal voice
- Voice acting is more about the acting than the different voices
-Different voices help, but aren't required. If they can make you multiple characters, great.
-Everyone has at least three different voices they can do

Play Around
Different Voice Placements
Different Voice Qualities
-Full voice
Avoiding Vocal Damage


-Video Game
Please Dont Do These
Raise your hand when you become A)Bored B) Distracted
-With you often
-Great for remembering voices
-Often cant edit
-Have to email
-Poor quality
-Built in Pop filter
-Light weight and simple
-Poor Quality
-Not very sensitive
-Most need Power (Amp)
Phantom Power- From the outlet to the mic. Conversion
-Very sensitive
-Best quality
Editing Software
- Ableton

-If it hurts, DONT DO IT!
-Support everything from you Diaphram

Quick Overview of Speech Production
3 Things that make speech
Voice and Speech Changes
-Cadence (Musicality, monotone)
-Pitch (Range)
-Rhythm (Smooth, staccato)
-Tempo (Fast, slow)
-Articulation ( Smooth, staccato, slurred, melodic)
What is Voice Acting
Getting Started
Creating Voices
Recording Equipment
Finding work and auditioning
Demo Reels
- Trying out placing the voice in different spots
-Find a phrase to repeat
-Have a tape recorder
-Head voice/ falsetto
-Upper mouth
-Chest Voice

- Aspirate
-Vocal Fry
Articulation Changes
Vocal Production
Places sounds plays off of
Where the voice comes from
Voice with Nodes
-Stand like your character
-Move with your character (If possible)

rchestras you
- James Alburger
-Overly long
-Poor audio quality
-Poor character quality
-Bad mixing
-Lines to short
-Lines to long
-Well developed lines and characters
-Highlights your range
-Short, but long enough
-Target length 0:45-1:30
-Background Music
-Name at the start
-No long clips, 2-3 sentences
-Sound effects
-Catch their attention
-10 seconds
-Created characters
-Expressive voice
-Make them want more
-Show you can fit in their projects

-A collection of your previous acting work
-A collection of different character clips
-Shows what you are capable of
-Can get you work

-Voice acting- Character associated
-Voice over- Recorded voice
-Improv, Mimicry, Singing and impressions help

-Find your field
-Voice acting, Over, Narration, Commercial. Video Games
-Audition, Audition, Audition
-Demo reel
-Be nice
-Dont worry if you don't have a lot
-Safely expand your range
-Avoid vocal damage
- Remember to support
-Voice Placement
-Articulation changes

-Can get it online, best buy, guitar center
-Dynamic vs. condenser mics
-Mic connections
-Recording programs
-Recording area
-Hand outs
-Auditions in person, skype, and email
-Demo reels
-Emailed submissions
-Collection of different voices
-0:45- 1:30 long
-2-3 Lines
-Background music and sound effects
- Quality of lines, audio, and acting
You get 2-3 lines depending on length
-Clips should be 6-8 seconds

In those seconds, you have to...
1. Explain your character
2. Set up the situation
3. Set up the scene
4. Set up the stakes
5. Have a different tactic each line
All this is one clip
-New character
-All opposites or drastically different
-Repeat 6-8 times
Speaking with Vocal Fry
Twitter: @Rachael Messer
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