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How does gravity effect the Solar system.

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BrIan HiLl

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of How does gravity effect the Solar system.

HOW DOES GRAVITY EFFECT THE SOLAR SYSTEM? What is Gravity? Gravity : The attraction of an object to something else with mass. What is the solar
system? The solar system is the alignment of planets around the sun. All the planets are in orbit around the sun. Our Solar System There are also Asteroids, comets, moons, and other forms of matter throughout space So What is the major role of gravity in our solar system? Holding Everything In Place. Without gravity a lot of things
would go wrong. If there was no gravitational force on planets, people would float off into the sky.

All of our planets that have moons, would be destroyed without gravity. This is because they would likely be smashed by their moons.

The natural structure of our solar system is held together by gravity.

Weights we use to measure are means of gravity.

Waves are also made with gravity. The moon pulls away from Earth then the Earth pulls the moon closer. These forces balance out producing tides.

All planets in our solar system orbit. The orbit is caused by gravity

The Asteroids in the Asteroid Belt are kept put by the force of gravity. SO IN CONCLUSION.... Gravity has a major effect on our solar system. Without gravity it would be incredibly difficult to sustain life in our solar system. In our solar system, without gravity we would be floating about the galaxy with no direction. THE END.
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