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Sand Shark

No description

Mazen Monnette

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Sand Shark

Rogers, M. (2015). The Sand Shark.
Retrieved October 1, 2015.
Animal Updates - April 13. (2012,
April 13). Retrieved October 14, 2015.
Sand sharks like tropical to subtropical waters in coastal areas in the Atlantic and Indian oceans. They live from 65 feet to 650 feet deep.
Approximate number currently living
Size and Lifespan
Sand sharks can be as long as 10.5 feet and as heavy as 440 lbs. Male and Female both live for about 7 years.
What does it eat?
The sand sharks eat mostly little squid like depicted below. It also eats small fish and crustaceans
Sand Shark
Human Fatalities/Attacks
The shark is relaticely shy and will not attack unless provoked. In fact they try to avoid human contact.
Fun Facts
Only two embryo develop and the two that develop eat all the others.
In Australia there was a sport were you would hit sand sharks on the head with a spear tipped with a shotgun and blow there brains out.
The sand shark are normally the sharks in aquariums because of the ragged teeth and massive size.
While hunting they swallow air so they can glide at their pray almost motionless.
The sand shark is known by many different names, including the sand tiger shark and the grey nurse shark.
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