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Incident Report Writing

No description

Jenna Retort

on 2 August 2018

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Transcript of Incident Report Writing

Incident Report Writing
At 10:30am on the morning of March 10, 2013,
North Campus Community Advisor Tina Hamm called to inform me (Jenna Retort, North Campus Hall Director), that loud music from North Campus Midrise 412 was pervading the fourth floor and it sounded as though there was a large volume of people in the room.

Upon my arrival to the fourth floor, Hamm and North Campus Community Advisor Gertie Lawler were waiting for me in the lobby area. As I exited the elevator, I could hear excessively loud music which I determined was emanating from NCM 412. As I knocked on the door, a shadow was cast in the hallway as though someone had looked through the peephole. I knocked again, announcing myself as Residence Life staff and the music stopped and an individual within the room said, "Oh shit, they must be here because of the music."

I heard movement in the room, including the sound of clinking glass which sounded as though glasses or bottles were being collected. Eventually, guest Sean Meenaghan opened the door.

As I walked into NCM 412, the following items were visible:
One "Double-Header" Beer Bong
One 750 ml bottle of Limoncello (full)
One 375 ml bottle of Eristoff Red (3/4 full)
Six cans of Bud Light Lime (unopened)
An entire laundry vessel filled with empty beer cans (about 2-30 packs worth)

Lawler and I collected identification from all of the residents and guests present while Hamm had the residents dispose of the alcohol and dispose of the bottles.

All of the guests were escorted from the building, being notified that they are not permitted to return to North Campus until further notice and the residents were notified that they would be contacted for a judicial meeting regarding the incident.

End of report.
Incident Report Body
Location- You should include the building and specific location within the building, i.e: North Campus Midrise 412; Schwartz Community Room; etc.
(First Reference)- You always want to include the full name and title of the individual reporting the incident upon first reference.
(Second Reference)- Upon second reference, you can omit the first name and title.
Violations Present- List the volume, quantity, and volume within the bottle.
Collecting Prohibited Items-
Alcohol- Residents should be instructed to empty the contents and recycle the vessel
Paraphernalia- Shot glasses, funnels, and other prohibited items should be collected, tagged, and documented within the report
All items should be stored in a location determined by the Hall Director and will be disseminated or disposed of in accordance with University policy
Biographical Information-
ID Number (Southern Students)
State ID Number (Non-Students)
Full Name
Campus Address (Residential Students)
Home Address (Commuter Students and Non-Students)
Birth date (non-students)
email address
Cell Phone Number
Guests- When the policy is violated, guests are escorted from the building and informed they are not permitted to sign in until the next day, or longer as determined by the Hall Director
End of Report- signifies that all of the information is present and that a component of the report is not missing. sometimes #### or -10- is used.
Date and Time
The same is true of reporting additional staff, police officers, and any other parties noted in the incident.
Voice- Reports should be written in the first person, and like the reporter, identify yourself by full name and title
Incident Report Writing

Using the body text of the incident below, please identify any mistakes or ways you can improve the incident report:

Upon doing duty tour,at approx. 8:25pm I Gertie Godfried reached the basement and was aware of reisdents playing on ping pong table, However when reaching the area further realized they were playing a water/beer pong game. Stating the policy of alcohol related games I then asked for the cups to be emptied out and with cooperation residents playing game complied, Michael and Samantha. Others were gathered around and sitting down. Cups were confinscated and the follow up meeting with hall director was understood with them. Guest, Mattwew Gibbs, left the building afterwoards.

1. ____________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________
5. ____________________________________________________
6. ____________________________________________________
7. ____________________________________________________
8. ____________________________________________________
9. ____________________________________________________
10. ___________________________________________________
11. ___________________________________________________

Things to Remember
Pen and Paper
Remain calm
Take your time
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