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Lucille Clifton.

No description

Frances Ocasio

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of Lucille Clifton.

Birthday/ Family
Lucille Clifton was born on June 27, 1936, Depew, NY. Born to Samuel Louis Sayles, Sr. and his second wife, Thelma Moore Sayles, on June 27, 1936, in Depew, New York—a small, primarily Polish town 12 miles from Buffalo, New York—Clifton was named Thelma Lucille Sayles by her father.
Her poem "Song of midnight" is basically saying if someone doesnt love her that it doesnt matter because her brothers will
She was known as writter and a poet, Her poems also reflect the process of self-discovery she underwent over a period of time as woman, daughter, sibling, wife, mother, and most importantly, a poet. She has won national book award and many other awards.
Original Poem
I choose this poem because its a way of telling society that it doesnt matter what you think of others they will always have family that think of them as awesome.
The End
She died February 13, 2010, in Baltimore, MD. She was a great person. She had children which 4 out of six are still alive.
Lucille Clifton.
Clifton giving one of
her motivational
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