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City Of Bones Novel Analysis

English 11

Mariel Hdez.

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of City Of Bones Novel Analysis

City of Bones By Shannon, Abby, Hannah, & Mariel Synopsis Question 1 Genres Gender Role Clary witnesses a murder. There is no body because its a demon. What do you think she will do?

a.) She calls the police
b.) Takes matters into her own hands
c.) Has a mental breakdown and faints Question 2 When Clary goes to a party she discovers...

a.) Crazy old ghosts in the toilet
b.) The truth of who she really is
c.) Simon (her best friend) turned into a lamp Question 3 Plot Twist: Clary discovers that she is:

a.) a faerie
b.) a demon
c.) a half-angel Stereotypes Who: Clary Fray (15)
Where: New York City
When: present-day
What: Clary uncovers the parallel existence of mythical creatures like vampires, werewolves and demons. She realizes she is actually half-human and half-angel (Shadowhunter).
Why: Her mother is a runaway Shadowhunter who left behind her identity in order to protect Clary.
So, Clary is thrown into a frantic race to find her kidnapped mom and a mysterious cup that controls mortality. She must find the cup before Valentine, a psychopathic maniac gets the Mortal Cup. Clary finds friends and comfort in unexpected places.
How: Clary even learns to fight and defend herself. Jace Clary's love interest is portrayed as the violent, masculine shadow-hunter with a troubled childhood. He is somewhat emotionally closed off, something Clary believes she can fix. He often "thinks he has to save the world; he'd be glad to kill himself trying" (Clare 298).
Jace is very self assured; his ego causes him to act impulsively. Simon Clary's best friend is often overlooked and underappreciated. He is in love with Clary, but too shy and insecure to act upon his feelings.
He is described as a very stereotypical "nerd," complete with big glasses and a love of comics/video games. the "damaged" love interest the awkward best friend Isabelle Magnus Isabelle, as a character, is very one dimensional. She is vain, and extremely focused on appearances. She rarely battles alongside her brothers, and instead lures and seduces demons for her brothers to kill. She is very flirtatious and bossy in her manner of speaking. the bold female the flamboyant gay guy Magnus represents the stereotypical, effeminate gay male. He is highly social; Clary first meets him at his own party. Magnus is confident in himself, often flaunting his sexuality with flashy outfits. He enjoys wearing striking makeup/jewelry. Judging by the cover, what do you think this book is about? Question 4 Luke (Clary's father figure) is actually a... a.) An evil side kick of Valentine's
b.) A werewolf
c.) Clary's great uncle twice removed who never ages Unrequited love
– Untold feelings of love; one-sided feelings of love; not reciprocated or returned.
- There are multiple love triangles in the story, included in two of the triangles are heavy cases of unrequited love. Paranormal romance
– a sub-genre blend of traditional romance and science fiction, fantasy, or horror.
- in this novel, romantic connections are made between characters - some of who descend from a science fiction background (ie; vampire) Major Topics Good vs Evil Love Friendship Trust Family Determination Descent Secrets are a fundamental part of the existence of all the mythological creatures in the book. However, the entire story is based on unraveling lies and deceit placed upon Clary and her friends. The author revealed this as the theme of the book. It is present throughout the development of the extent of the villain's (Valentine's) evil. Clary also literally descends into scenarios where evil is prevalent. Clary's story is the result of her love. All of her actions are defined, driven and executed by affection. Urban fantasy
- a sub-genre of fantasy; primarily set in contemporary times and have contents of supernatural elements.
- the story is set in modern-day New York, off-set by twists of unearthly interactions. Action
– The word action has more than one meaning in fiction. It is the mode of delivery use to show any given moment in a story allowing the reader to feel they are an actual participant of the events.
- too contrast with the more romantic moments, there are plenty of action/fight scenes between the Shadowhunters and the other paranormal characters.
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