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characters from stargirl

No description

parker schlachter

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of characters from stargirl

characters from stargirl Stargirl is very unique. She is the main Character of the novel. Because Stargirl likes dancing, she was dancing in the rain. Stargirl Hillari is your everyday bully. She grabbed Cinnamon, Stargirl's pet rat, and almost dropped him down the stairs. She has a boyfriend who doesn't do anything.
He wants to be a model in GQ Gentleman's quarterly magazine. Hillari Leo is Stargirl's boyfriend, Before that he was known to the school for the Hotseat.becuase he became her boyfriend, they were being ignored for a very long time till the dance at the end.Leo is interested in porcupine neck ties. Leo Kevin is Leo's best friend, they always sit together. He is interested in putting Stargirl on the spot.because he likes to be on stage, he interviews Stargirl. Kevin Dori is Stargirl's only friend. because Star girl started to act differant, she got mad at her Stargirl. She likes to be aroung unique people. Dori I chose these people because they're
different then each other in many
ways. Thank you for watching. why i chose these people? Stargirl has a pet rat named cinnamon. Hillary is a bully Leo was he founder of the hot seat kevin is the only one who talks to leo when he was dating stargirl. Dori ate bye herself when stargirl changed into Susan. stargirl Hillari is the bully in the novel Fun Creative interesting creepy rude discuraging not nice self centered out going nice interesting funny likes to talk Happy attention funny unique quiet interesting friendly alone I thought the necktie was the neatest thing in the world. pg:1 Thats Stargirl caraway PG:4 "shes not real"Hillari said. Pg:7 We fought daily, Kevin and i. Pg:13 talk to me and ill skratch your back.Pg:143
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