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World History 4.06

No description

Miranda Butterfield

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of World History 4.06

World History 4.06
Miranda Butterfield
Mrs. Sierra

Journal Entry 1:
Journal Entry 2:
Journal Entry 3:
I am being led to the beautiful land of America by an English Explorer named John Smith. I feel delighted to be apart of exploring this woundrous new land but I am not in favor of building our colony. Not only do we have to build this colony, but we also have to find silver and gold, and find a water way to Asia for trade purposes. Lets see how this goes...
North America! There is and endless veiw of mountains surrounded by thousands of evergreen trees. Just to build our colony we had to knock down 20 trees, and that was in a total of 3 months. We have encountered Natives. They walk around wearing animal skin with the feathers of birds.They, like us, have weapons as well. They call it a Bow and Arrow. It is not a gun. They have shown us how to grow food from the rich soil of America but cause conflict when we chop down the trees. It is sad to say that we have not found any gold yet.
We live in a town named, Jamestown. Of course it was named after our noble king, King James I. Our colony has grown rapidly but we are also losing others do to sickness. The Natives use their knowlege, as do we, to help each other out. The Native Americans are helping with trying to heal our men that are sick. There are other men coming to help add on to our colony shacks and bring the sick men back to our home-land England so they can heal. Our men still have had no luck with finding gold. The Natives say that there is no gold but King James tells us to keep searching. I hope we find some, someday so we can stop digging holes in this beatiful, and rich soiled land of America...
John Smith
Please do not copy and paste this just to call it your own. Plagerism is illegal and you can get fined for it here in the state of Florida. So please do your own work.
Thanks for watching!(:
-Miranda FLVS:3
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