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Jeevan Kaur

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Bio-innovation

Design Problem/Situation
Frog Kidney Transplant
By: Saryu, Shail, Jeevan
Mock Up
Our situation is to create a surgical instrument that can easily extract and implant the kidney from a lifeless frog into a living one.
Research and devise possible ideas and solutions
Select the best idea
Test and Evaluate
Design #1:
Removes kidney easily
Has blades that can cut through organs
Blades can cause injuries
Claws causes damage to other organs
Straight Handle is difficult to work with
Design #2:
No scoop; takes up less space
Knife is more convenient
Bent handle; more efficient
Claw causes damage to other organs
Knife sizes cannot be adjusted
Final Idea:
Shaped as scissors
Has 2 switch blades that can be adjusted with buttons
Ends of the device act as clamps
Serves multiple purposes
Retractors won't work if they're on the handles
The rounded top of the clamps is too big and wouldn't fit in the frog (possibly damage other organs)
The blades inside the clamps need to be replaceable
CAD Files
We replaced the retractor sliders to the side of the clamps for easier access
We made the outside of the clamp flat instead of round
We created an opening in the clamp so we can replace the blade
Some improvements we can make:
Adding a light to the outside of the clamp for a better view
Making the tool smaller so it's more handy
Making the grip of the tool and clamps out of softer material for easy handling and no risk of organ damage
Tool Research
We contacted a doctor and told him about our tool
Asked him for feedback and advice
Based on the feedback, we made changes
We browsed for incision tools to give us an idea of how to make ours
We researched the procedure for a human kidney transplant
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