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St. Patrick

Bible Missionary Project

Kayla O.

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of St. Patrick

Early Years >Son of Calpurnius and Conchessa
>Born in Kilpatrick, Scotland
>387 A. D.
>Roman Catholic
>WAS NOT IRISH >Received another dream from God
>Told to return to Ireland!
>Preached to pagans
>Rid the land of snakes Life of St. Patrick By: Kayla O.
Bible Pd 7 >Kidnapped age 14
>Worked 6 years
(slave to heard
>Learned Irish
language and culture
>God guided Patrick in a dream to leave Ireland
>Returned to family, became a bishop But were there really snakes?!
Probably not. >Pagan groups were the DRUIDS!
>Cannibals, human sacrifice
>They were DISGUSTING!
>Many gods/goddesses
(Ex. Air, revenge, apple trees)
>Lacked a "holy book"
Varied beliefs How did Patrick preach?
1. Traveled throughout Ireland, preaching everywhere
2. Preach to a mass of people who came just to listen to him
3. Baptized many people who became Christians
4. Set up Catholic churches and schools
5. Used the Shamrock to represent the TRINITY Paul vs. Patrick God had spoken to Saul
>Road to Damascus
God "spoke" to Patrick in dreams Saul Paul
>Changed life completely
Patrick went from SLAVE to
a very famous MISSIONARY Humble!!! >Patrick was very humble
>Gave "thanks to his Maker for having chosen him"
>Wrote Confessio
Account of life
Recognizes his salvation from sin Ministry Fervent in Prayer >Prayed constantly: even as a slave
>Showed faithfulness in struggles
>"Bind to" or "go against" Results >Converted great amounts of people
>March 17=St. Patrick's DAY
>Saved Ireland
>Set godly example Character
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