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Copy of Lord of the flies summary

No description

Jas On

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lord of the flies summary

Chapter 9: A view to death
The Lord of the Flies: Chapter's summary
Chapter 1: The sound of the shell
A plane full of kids from a boarding school falls in a deserted island. The book starts with two characters, Piggy and Ralph, who find a conch shell that they blow and makes the other kids go where they are. There is a boy named Jack who wants to be a leader, but Ralph is picked. Ralph, Jack and a kid named Simon go to the top of a mountain and look at the island. At the end they return to the beach.
Chapter 3: Huts on the beach
Ralph and Simon build huts on the beach but no one helps them. Jack hasn't found any pig and Ralph implies that his group isn't doing anything and no one is actually helping with their duties. Simon helps the littlums to reach some fruit and he goes to a deep space in the jungle where he finds flowers and butterflies
Chapter 5: Beast from water
Ralph thinks about how dirty he is. He calls for a meeting telling the kids that they aren't following the rules. A kid claims that he has seen the beast again, and chaos begins, while some claim it may be coming from water. After Jack, Ralph and Piggy discuss about this, soon the reunion desintegrates. At the end of the day, they all go to sleep and a littlum starts crying because of nightmares
Chapter 7: Shadows and tall trees
Chapter 10: The Shell and the glasses
Ralph and Piggy feel bad and torn about what happened. Only Sam and Eric and a handful of littlums stay with them. Jack convinces the other group that they aren't safe because Simon was just a disguise to the beast and it is not dead yet. At the end of the chapter, a group of Jack's tribe awakens Ralph's camp and they steal Piggy's glasses, giving them the opportunity to make more fire.
Chapter 11: Castle Rock
Ralph has a meeting and tells the kids that he will go to Castle Rock to remind Jack what was their purpose at first. When Ralph goes there, he finds himself with guards who throw stones at them. Jack and Ralph face off, fighting while Piggy is crying, reminding Ralph what did they come for in the first place. Roger throws a massive stone on Piggy, killing him and destroying the conch shell. Ralph escapes while Jack takes Sam and Eric as prisoners
Chapter 2: Fire on the mountain
Ralph says that the one who has the conch shell has the right to speak. Piggy says that they may not be rescued. A little kid claims that he saw a snake-like figure and the other kids get scared. Ralph convinces them that there is no beast anf they should make a fire. Jack's group is in charge of it but because of disorganization the fire grows really big and a kid dissapears. They pretend nothing happened
Chapter 4: Painted faces and Long Hair
Life on the island is almost like a routine. The kids play even though they still talk about a beast. A boat passes but the signal fire isn't lit, and they aren't rescued. Jack and his group paint their faces and hunt a pig. Ralph claims that it was Jack's fault the fact that they weren't rescued. At the end he apologizes but makes fun of Piggy, and the kids roast the pig while chanting.
Chapter 6: Beast from Air
A dead parachutist falls on the island while fighting with planes. Samneric , who were supposed to watch the fire, confuse him with the beast and go tell the others at the beach. Ralph organizes an expedition to a part they haven't explored before. Ralph enters to a cave and soon Jack joins in, after finding nothing, they come out. Ralph finds the kids playing with rocks and yells at them so they go back to the beach
The kids go back to the beach but while they were doing it they found pig's disposals. Jack suggests to hunt the pig and they do with Ralph participating. They can't catch it but reenact the hunting with a boy named Robert. They agree to go hunting the next day, and Roger, Jack and Ralph go up the hill to find the corpse of the parachutist which they confuse it by the beast. They flee in terror.
Chapter 8: Gift for darkness
When they go back to the beach, Jack says that Ralph isn't a good leader and they should replace him, to what the majority refuses. Jack's tribe catches a pig and they put the head on a stick on the woods as an offering to the beast. Ralph and Piggy join in because they are starving. Simon encounters the head on the woods and is startled by it. He imagines the head saying really horrible and haunting things, and faints.
Simon wakes up and finds out the truth of the beast and has the intention to go back to the group and tell them what has happened. Jack's tribe is now consilidated, they call him chief and gives commands. Ralph and Piggy take a look of the new camp, and as a storm is coming he asks Jack how is he going to protect himself from it.
Jack orders the kids to dance and Ralph and Piggy join in after a while. On the frenzy of the dance, Simon appears and the kids attack him with spears, killing him.
Chapter 12: Cry of the hunters
Ralph encounters the pig's head and smash it with his fists. Sam and Eric tell him Jack is planning on hunting him the following day. Te next day, Jjack maked Ralph go out of his hiding place by using fire. He runs until he gets tired and waiting for his death, he encounters an officer who comes to rescue, and figures out what happened.
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