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TOKAIDO megalopolis


omid khazaeian

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of TOKAIDO megalopolis

Establishments in information services in japan Broadban subscribes (per 100person) in 2009 Broadband subscribes changes (per 100person) Gross domestic expenditure in R&D (Per GDP Persons engaged in 250 great firms in ICT (person revenue from 250 great firms in ICT (milion dollar US)2009 Distribution of 250 great firm in ICT (share of countries) Optic fiber network Optic fiber network Population changes Road development in japan Net incom in ICT goods (million dollar US) in2009 (export-inport) Population density in 2011 (person per km2) Population density changes قطار bullet در مسیر توکایدو Tokaido railway 1868 پیشینه و نحوه شکل گیری history 8 منطقه و 48 ایالت (prefecture) Political prefectures توکایدو: ظهور کلانشهر اطلاعاتی قرن21 Population density in 1960 (person per km2) Population density in 2005 (person per km2) Populaton density Population growth from 1990 to 2030 http://www.matanle.net/writing/supplementaries/MatanleSatoSSJJ2010.html Population growth from 1950 to 1990
population growth
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