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No description

Brittney Bateman

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Procurement

Request for Proposals
Small Purchase
Goods and services NOT requiring professional services
State Cooperative Contracts
Approved Vendor List
Request for Bids
Architect Engineer Process
Professional Services
Approved Vendor List
Request for Proposals
Sole Source
"services that requires a high degree of
specialized knowledge and discretion in the performance of the service"

legal services
consultation services
architectural services
bond counsel
financial advice
construction management
medical services
psychiatric services
counseling services
Sole Source
(Req Form)
(Form PF5)
Over $100 requires at least three bids
unless it's a blanket (authorized up to $1,000/$2,000)
Should always fill out a requisition
How to prequalify vendors:
Create request for statements of qualifications
Publish notice of request for SOQs
Place qualified vendors on a list
Request needs to include:
Instructions and deadline for submitting SOQ
What you are procuring
Scope of work
Criteria used to determine qualifications
Whether this is an open-ended or close-ended process
Statement that says participation in bids/RFPs/vendor lists/etc. may be limited to only those prequalified
No expiration date for prequalified list
Vendors can join anytime
SOQ's valid for 18 months
Specific open and close date
List and SOQ's expire on close date (not more than 18 months)
Notice needs to include:
Name of procurement unit and contact info
How to get a copy of request
Description of procurement item sought
Weber Basin
Notice has to be published for at least 7 days
Opening and closing date of request
Each vendor that submits an SOQ must be evaluated
Every timely, responsive vendor that meets the criteria is put on the prequalified list
Written justification statements must be sent to those who did not prequalify
List has to be made available to the public within 30 days of the evaluations
All request documents must remain available (on website or in office) until the list is published
The state has already went through the procurement process for these contracts. No competitive quotes/bids/proposals required1
Need to double check that vendor really does have a current, valid contract.
Only certain items/services from vendors are on contract
When in doubt, Becky knows how to find the contracts.
(Req Form)

Answer the following questions:
Will the contract be for more than one year?
Create Request for Bids
The period of time that bids will be accepted
PUblish Notice
Name and contact info of procurement unit
Opening and closing date of request
How to obtain a copy of the request
General description of procurement items sought
Length of notice needs to be at least 7 days
Open Bids
Bids are opened publicly in the presence of at least one other person
approval Process
Will there be prequalification or multiple stages?
Yes: Need Tage approval and signature before the
request goes out. FYI: contracts cannot be
longer than 5 years total
No: Nothing special needed!
No: Nothing special needed!
Yes: Follow all the steps in the prequal process...plus a few more
Describe the requirements for each stage of the process
Indicate whether or not you will be awarding a single contract or multiple contracts
State that the first stage is only for prequalification
State that the bidder may not submit any pricing information during the prequalification process.
The place and manner in which bids are submitted
Description of the procurement item(s)
Same as before!
Record name and bid amount of each bidder
Evaluate each bid by the criteria list in the request
(Form PF2)
(Form PF3)
Need approval if contract is more than one year.
*just like the bidding process
RFPs can be limited through prequalification
*not like the bidding process
Create a Request for Proposals
Period of time proposals will be accepted
Place and manner in which to submit proposals
Description of the procurement item
Standard contractual terms and conditions
Term length of contract and renewal conditions
Same as bidding process
Objective and subjective criteria used to evaluate
Relative weight given to each score of criteria
Formula used to determine cost score
Don't always need one
Description of the stages and criteria/scoring for each stage
A statement that discussions may be conducted with offerors with the chance for "best and final" proposals to be submitted but that proposals may be accepted
without discussions
Name and contact info of procurement unit
Opening and closing date of request
How to obtain a copy of the request
General description of procurement items sought
Length of notice needs to be at least 7 days
Publish Notice of RFP
Form an Evaluation Committee +1
Committee Requirements:
At least 3 members
Majority has to be from the District
Needs to be approved by Tage
+1 Duties:
Accepts and opens proposals to ensure only responsive and responsible offers go to the committee
Reviews the scores of each committee member
Opens and scores fee proposal of each offeror
Provides committee with total combined score for each offeror
Evaluation Process
+1 accepts and open proposals to ensure they are responsive and responsible then forwards them to committee
All cost information is sealed until proposals are evaluated
Committee can conduct discussions with offerors and allow them to submit "best and final" proposals
Each member scores proposal based on criteria in RFP
and only by that criteria!
+1 opens and scores fee proposals
Preform cost-benefit analysis if needed
Write justification statement
Statement justifying the committee's choice is the best value for the District
Explains the score assigned to each category
Explains how the proposal with highest score provides the best value to the District in comparison to other proposals
Include cost-benefit analysis if needed
Doesn't have to address every criterion in every category
If the difference between the lowest cost proposal and highest scored proposal is the greater of $10,000 or 5%:
Informal cost-benefit analysis needs to be performed
Explain the advantages to the District with choosing higher cost offeror
Includes estimated added financial value of each criterion that justifies awarding higher cost offeror
If no justification, start going down list
Begin Approval Process
Inform potential awardee that they are highest score/result of cost-benefit analysis
Scott/Mark review contract
If under $70,000, submit to Tage for signature
If over $70,000 submit contract for approval by Board
The next business day after the contract is awarded, publish a statement with:
The name of the offeror awarded the contract and their score
The scores of all of the proposals without naming the offeror
Any cost-benefit analysis made
only one vendor found
Only one response received
Reasons for Sole Source Procurement
There is only one source for the procurement item
Written justification statement for awarding sole source contract has to be signed off by Tage.
If over $50,000, publish notice
Name and contact info of procurement unit
What if the sole source is challenged?
Awarding Sole Source Contract
Department manager negotiates contract
Award to a specific supplier is a condition of a donation that will fund the full cost of the procurement
The most important consideration is the compatibility of equipment, technology, software, accessories, parts, etc.
Item is on a trial basis
Transitional costs are unreasonable or cost-prohibitive
It is a necessary contract extension as outlined in 63G-6a-802 (7)
Not the same as before!
Information for contesting and obtaining additional info
Earliest date sole source procurement will be made
How to obtain a copy of info relating to sole source
General description of items that will be obtained
Publish notice for 7 days
Any challenge received during public posting period must be resolved before the sole source contract can be awarded
Call/email/meeting between District and challenging supplier is needed to determine:
If supplier meets all of the requirement outlined in Sole Source
If supplier is able to provide service/item as identified in specs
Yes: cancel sole source and issue RFP or RFB
No: supplier needs to withdraw challenge
Mark/Scott reviews contract
Under $70,000, Tage signs contract
Over $70,000, Board has to approve contract
Architect/Engineer Services?
Under $X,000?
Under $X,000?
Less than two qualified SOQs*
Only one qualified SOQ
Only one response
(Form PF3)
(Form PF5)
(Req Form/ Form PF1)
(Form PF4)
Publicly Announce
Committee Review
Negotiate Contract
Need Engineer
Name and contact info of procurement unit
Opening and closing date of request
How to obtain a copy of the request
General description of procurement items sought
Length of notice needs to be at least 7 days
Calling all SOQs!
Top picks!
Committee Requirements:
Needs at least 3 members
Majority needs to be employed by District
Approved by Tage
Same as RFP
Evaluate SOQs on file
plus new SOQs from announcement
Must evaluate at least 3 SOQs
Rank top three most qualified firms
Darren negotiates contract with highest ranked firm
Mark/Scott ensures contract is reasonable
If under $70,000, Tage signs contract
If over $70,000 Board approves contract
If satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, terminate negotiations and move to the next ranked firm.
SOQs valid for 18 months!
*RFP process cannot ask for prices
(Req Form/ Form PF1)
Be as specific as you need/want
Objective criteria used to evaluate bids
Required contract terms/conditions
Time and place bids will be opened
Term length of contract and any renewal conditions
can't be "unduly" restrictive
Still the Exact same
and only by that criteria!
Any bids rejected must have a written justification statement sent to the bidder by Tage.
Two options:
Bids documents must remain on website or at office until bid is awarded
Cancel the request for bids and provide written justification to the public for doing so
Inform the potential awardee they are the lowest responsive and responsible bidder "as soon as practicable."
Mark or Scott review contract to ensure reasonableness
Under $70,000: goes to Tage for signature
Over $70,000: submit to Board for approval
Make available for public the list of each bidder and their bid (after contract has been awarded)
Step 1: Justification for Using RFP Process
Procurement of professional services*
Design-build procurement
Cost is not the most important factor
Other facts in addition to cost are highly significant
Needs to be signed off on by Tage
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