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on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Hawaii


Hawaii emerged from the sea millions of years ago, forged by the power of volcanoes.
There are currently
three active volcanoes.
Hawaii has many famous surfers,
like Beth Hamilton.

Hawaii has great entertainment.
Pineapple, Spam, Bananas and Macadamia Nuts are all popular foods in Hawaii.
The sea life is amazing in Hawaii
It's a tradition to receive a flower lei upon
arriving in Hawaii.
Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.
The State Capital of Hawaii is Honolulu.
Tiki's in Hawaii.
Hawaii is the 50'th State made up of eight islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is located over 3,000 miles away from Houston.
It is a custom to be presented with a Lei when you arrive in Hawaii.
Hawaiians used to live in huts.
This is
Mauna Loa, the
largest volcano in the world.

There's lovely music.
In Hawaii you can swim with
dolphins and go snorkling.
You can buy big houses in Hawaii.
In 1941 the Japanese attacked America at the Pearl Harbor Navy Base.
The USS Arizona Memorial
Now they live in Houses and Condos.
Aloha means hello and goodbye in Hawaii.
Make sure you go to a Luau when you visit.
Prezi Presentation
from Nick~Anthony Caballero
Hawaii is the most
popular vacation spot
in the world.
Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower.
You could visit awesome
beaches in Hawaii.
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