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No description

Sam Gooch

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Blacks

SEO Review Good SEO Issues
& Improvements On-page SEO Link issues Link Builing Ideas Missing Meta Description Long Meta Title >70 chars Too Many Links Short Meta Title <8 chars Duplicate Content Duplicate Meta Title Cross-Site Duplicate Content Cross-Site Duplicate Meta Titles Cross-Site Duplicate Description Titles rel=canonical Auto Generated - Use Robots.txt Offering online discounts to University staff / alumni: Offer exclusive competitions to relevant, high authority websites Providing Products for TV shows or relevant bloggers Duplicate Content
Meta Tag Issues
Too many Links
Missing Alt Attribute Crawlable Search Results - site:www.blacks.co.uk "?search=" Crawlable Filter Pages - site:www.blacks.co.uk "osa:" "br:" "si:" "col:" Google Webmaster Guidelines "Use robots.txt to prevent crawling of search results pages or other auto-generated pages that don't add much value for users coming from search engines." Sistrix Visibility Index Links pointing to old URLs:
http://www.dundeemountainfilm.org.uk/links.htm Using Schema.org Great Backlinks from high authority websites Great Content Causes 'thin' pages to be created, with little value Utilising Social Media Interacting with users - updating regularly Use of Open Graph Tags - og:title, og:img etc. Advertising products & promotions Answering questions Usability & Site Architecture Good Navigation - links to main categories & easy to use On-site search facility Links to Brands - helps with brand related searches Descriptive, intuitive URL structure with breadcrumbs that reflect user path Makes results stand out
Increases CTR
Star rating represents trust, making them more attractive According to searchengineland, these rich snippets can increase CTR by up to 30% Detailed product descriptions Frequently updated Blog Providing the ability to like/share products Homepage is a good portal to the rest of the site Email customers with the opportunity to leave a review in exchange for the chance to win a prize Results Omitted G+ link doesn't work No User Sitemap?
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