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Globs of Gluten

No description

Tanja Dzimgozova

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Globs of Gluten

Which gluten ball has the largest diameter?

I want to see how much gluten is in different flour.I will measure the diameter of the gluten balls. Purpose When you add water to wheat flour, water molecules combine with two proteins to form gluten. Those proteins are called gliadin and glutenin.Gliadin contains specific amino acid sequences that people react to if they have Celiac Disease. Amino acids act as building blocks for proteins.The sequence of amino acids makes each proteins structure. Amino acids also change what the proteins does specifically. The gluten proteins break down to smaller pieces called peptides that are made up of hundreds of amino acids. Peptides are short segments of amino acids.Gliadin is in a group proteins called prolamins, that are in the grain family. Gliadin gives gluten its elasticity (ability to change form).Glutenin gives gluten its extensibility (ability to stretch). As you knead dough, gliadin and glutenin mix together to form gluten. These proteins give gluten its elasticity and extensibility.
Flour is a powdery product made when dry grains are pulverized(reduced to smaller particles). All purpose flour is made from the endosperm of wheat.All purpose flour is also chemically bleached to give it a clean white appearance and to enrich the nutrients in it.Due to the nutrient loss when removing the endosperm from the germ(the reproductive part of the grain) and bran(outer layer of the grain).The endosperm is the starchy center of the grain.Unbleached flour is made up of the endosperm as well but it has not been chemically bleached.Whole wheat flour is made out of the whole grain. It has more nutrients than all-purpose flour
When you add water to wheat flour the mixture will make dough that is elastic and extensible. This allows the dough to trap gas inside and expand. This gas comes from fungi called yeast. Yeast gives of carbon dioxide which the dough captures inside. There are also other gases that the dough can capture from combination of acids and bases. These gases help the dough expand and when cooked the good will become light and fluffy.
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder.This means that people that have the disease can not out grow it because there bodies react to gluten. People that have the disease make antibodies that attack the small intestine when they eat gluten. There bodies just react and attack. Background Research I know that whole wheat flour uses the whole grain,there for i think that the whole wheat flour will have the largest gluten ball diameter. Hypothesis Controlled variable: Different types of flour(whole wheat flour,bleached all-purpose flour,unbleached all-purpose flour) 
Independent variable: how large the diameter of the gluten ball is
Dependent variable:different diameters of gluten balls
  Measured unit: centimeters-cm Variables  Whole wheat flour
Bleached All-purpose flour
Unbleached All-purpose flour
Mixing bowls
Measuring Cup,1-cup size
Work Surface
Notebook Materials 1.Measure 1 cup of each flour and place in mixing bowls 2.One by one slowly add 1/2 cup of water into bowls, while stirring with fork
3.Sprinkle a spoonful of flour onto hands and work surface
4.Now knead the dough for 6 minutes each
5.Place your three balls of dough into their bowls and leave alone for 10 min.
6.Place strainer in sink and take the dough and put cold water on while you strain the dough
7.Take the gluten in your strainer and make into ball
8.Rinse off strainer and do steps 6-7 again to the rest of the balls of dough
9.Now measure the gluten balls diameter with a centimeter ruler
Note:Record data during all the steps Procedure i notice that the whole wheat flour looks brown
harder to knead the whole wheat flour than the unbleached and bleached all-purpose flour
the dough started to feel like rubber ( for all the dough)
the gluten balls feel like actual rubber and they are elastic Observation Data & Results   - pictures Data & Results   - Table In this experiment I learned that whole wheat flour had the largest gluten ball diameter. In whole wheat flour the whole grain is used when the grain is made into powder(flour).My hypothesis was right whole wheat flour has more gluten. There for people who are allergic to gluten stay away from all of the flour I experimented on.What I could improve on my project is to find the exact measurement of how much gluten is in the flour. Conclusion http://foodreference.about.com/od/Ingredients/a/A-Guide-To-Flour.htmhttp://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas/FoodSci_p040.shtml#backgroundhttp://www.biology.arizona.edu/biochemistry/problem_sets/aa/aa.htmlhttp://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/handbook/howgeneswork/proteinhttp://www.celiac.com/articles/8/1/What-is-gluten-What-is-gliadin/Page1.htmlhttp://www.gluten-free-around-the-world.com/gliadin.htmlhttp://www.exploratorium.edu/cooking/bread/glutengood1test.html Works Cited Tanja Dzimgozova 7th grade Room 404 Globs of Gluten Globs of Gluten Flour & Diameters Diameters Flour Used All-Purpose Bleached Flour
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