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endangered spices

No description

nar khanal

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of endangered spices

introduction endangered species endangered species areies that have disappered from the world like botimous curious in plant in animals crocodile History in the early years of twenty and tweaty first century the population is decreased by 100-1000 time because of natural resourcess,over hunting,chainging climate, fishing. the gray wolf and bald eagle have both undergone iniraculous recoveries as result however over 16000 species remain at risk. the United States congress created the endangered species act of 1973 to replace earlies act put into place in 1966 first argument eggs were consequently crusted during nesting population shrank. second argument every year since 1963 the IUCN has complied and released its red list of threatened species the collection of nine differen classification concolusion there is continoued protection of species
it helps to balance in industried effects of moderinization and technological advancement with divanal Since 1983 the number of bald
eagles has steadily increased. Although twenty-one percent of endangered species have been recovered there is still much work to be done. the second argumrnt history
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