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Elfcu 2013 Student Lending Power Hour

Public / Accurate as of 12/04/12 / The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Elements Financial

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Elfcu 2013 Student Lending Power Hour

Student Aid Report
Financial Aid Award Letters Discussion Topics Applying to Colleges
Finding Scholarships
Visit High School
Guidance Counselor
Explore FAFSA Website Preparing
and Planning Federal: June 30, 2014
State: Indiana – March 10, 2013
School: Financial Aid Office (FAO) Deadlines http://www.fafsa.gov FAFSA Sent directly to the student
Online or mail
Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
Data Release Number (DRN)
FAFSA Verification
Review and make corrections Student Aid Report (SAR) Sent directly to the student
Mailed in March or April
Compare letters
Follow instructions. Accept or Decline
Contact Financial Aid Office with questions
How is aid awarded?
Unmet Need / Funding Options / Loans Financial Aid Award Letters Questions? Carol Schroeder
(317) 524-5179

(800) 524-5168 COA-EFC=Need Application for: Federal Aid State Aid
Must complete in order to be eligible for Federal Student Loan Programs
Some colleges require
Impacts other aid as well: Scholarships & Grants What is the FAFSA? FREE Application for Federal Student Aid General Student Information
Student Income and Tax Information
Student Dependency Status
Parent Information

IRS DATA Retrieval
Colleges selected will receive information What does the FAFSA ask about? ISIR - Insitution Student Aid Report PIN: Personal Identification Number
Students and parents need to create a PIN
PIN is used as your electronic signature
Keep it PRIVATE Get a PIN Before Applying for FAFSA How to Apply 2013-2014
IRS Data Retrieval Highly recommended to use the tool.
Easiest way to provide your tax data
Best way to ensure your FAFSA
has accurate tax information
You won't need to provide a copy of your
or your parents' tax returns to your college.

Can file FAFSA earlier (using estimated info),
come back, retrieve data. Use PIN to log in.
Allow 2 weeks if taxes are e-filed;
8 weeks if taxes are done on paper You will receive a confirmation page with a confirmation number after your application or corrections are successfully submitted.

Student receives notice of SAR (Student Aid Report) within about 3 to 5 days.

Student Aid Report summarizes student's responses

To check status, student visits www.fafsa.gov to log in using PIN. What to Expect After Applying Federal Aid
State Aid
Institutional Aid Income and Tax Information FAFSA Power Hour presented by
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