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Career Shadowing 2010

No description

Madiii Caffey

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing 2010

Question Answers:
A mortgage companies purpose is to asure a borrower that their mortgage is secure against real estate. From the borrower to the lender. The mortgage company will support the condition under which the lender can seize the real estate to settle the loan. Separately there will be a note that sets out the terms for the loan. This company will continue to be sucessful for the next 15 years because my dad keeps things running smoothly and makes sure he calculates all his payments correctly and he also makes sure he is making the right choices. To own this company you need to have good people skills, a good listener and smart. The average salary of a Mortgage Lender is 50,000 +. Career shadowing 2010 I Career shadowed my dad, who is the owner of Landmark mortgage in lakeland florida. taylor Caffey
(Owner/ President) Terry Hassett
( Secretary-Loan Processor ) Jamey Trim
( Loan Professor ) Madiii Caffey
mckeel academy
april 16,2010
5th period Reflection Piece:
Technology- smart board, powerpoint, microsoft
Skills Needed- communication, f2f, b2b
Would I pursue a job like this? No, because i have already decided that i want to be a dentist.
What did I like best about this job? You are on top of everyone else and you dont take orders you give them.
What did I dislike about this job? the Paperwork:/
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