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John Green

No description

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of John Green

John Green
Jasmine Furtado

Authors Craft
This style and commom theme makes John Green's writing stronger by giving the reader and character connections, showing how everyone isn't perfect, making his novels more relatable to the world.
A common theme used in John Green's writing are dissapointments, and how we learn to handle them.
Looking For Alaska
Miles-or Pudge Halter's life has been nothing but ordinary. That is until he starts attending Culver Creek boarding school, to go and "seek his Great Perhaps." Culver Creek is anything but bland, especially because of Alaska Young, the unpredictable, crazy, smart, funny, mesmerizing, everything in one enigma. She opens up Pudge's world, discovering the Great Perhaps with him, stealing his heart with just one word. But who is this girl that Pudge can't help but love?

John Green was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 24, 1977, to Mike and Sydney Green. He is an older sibling to his brother Hank Green, who today, makes vlogs with him on Youtube.
He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife Sarah and his two children, Henry and Alice.
Looking For Alaska-2005
Michael L. Printz Award
An Abundance of Katherines-2006
Michael L. Printz Award
Paper Towns-2008
Let It Snow:Three Holiday Romances (Short story)-2008
Will Grayson, Will Grayson (Co-authored) -2010
The Fault in Our Stars-2012

Looking For Alaska
This book follows the adventures of the troublemakers of Culver Creek, and the struggles that we go through as people in order to be what others want. It has very vivid descriptions, especially when talking about characters emotions and personalities. The characters in the novel are very relatable themselves, and there is not one boring moment in it. This is definitely one of my favorite books, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading realistic fiction with lots of humor.
Inspirations and Ideas
As a child, John and his family moved to Orlando, Florida from Indianapolis, where he
spent his childhood. For his high school education, he left Orlando to attend Indian
Springs School, a boarding school located near Birmingham,Alabama. Following ISS, he went to Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, with a double major in religion studies and literature.

Although John Green uses his own experiences to write, he also uses other people's stories. In his novel,
The Fault in Our Stars
, the initial idea came to him when he was working at the hospital, where he would spend time with patients. This idea eveolved even more as he heard about the stories they had to tell, which John tries to capture in his writing.

Inspirations and Ideas
Many of John Green's novels are based on some of his experiences and what he's been through. An example is his novel
Looking For Alaska
, which was heavily influenced from his school life at Kenyon and Indian Springs School. The people that he met there and the settings of the two schools were two major keys to his novel
Author's Craft
The way people deal with disappointments varies on what we are let down in. In
Looking For Alaska
, it's the way how we don't always meet the expectations of others and sometimes even ourselves that got to one of the characters, Alaska. For her, it was the pressure of living up to expectations as everything around her changed, and letting people see her with her guard down in a vulnerable state, something that she wasn't used to.
Author's Craft
Author's Craft
In John's writing, another common technique that he uses are foils.
Author's Craft
As an end result, this makes his writing more interesting and stronger, by highlighting the differences between each character, making their personality stand out and unique.
Author's Craft
Author's Craft
Another style of writing that can be found in John Green's novels is the recurring theme of taking chances.
Author's Craft
Looking For Alaska,
taking chances can be found in many places, whether it be pulling the school's biggest prank in remembrance of someone, or moving from home to have more oppurtunities. These chances we take intitiate change, letting us experience new things, and in some cases, giving us a fresh start.
Author's Craft
This too, is also successful because, like the characters in the story, people will realize that sometimes, you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to get what you want, and that things will never happen without change.
Author's Craft
John Green's novels are realistic, with characters who are trying to find a way to be who they are. These characters often have high expectations of their dreams, and struggle to make them come true.
Author's Craft
In the novel,
The Fault in Our Stars
, Augustus Waters wants to find his place in the world, and wants to be remembered among many. As the book progresses, reality sinks in for him when he realizes that he won't make an impact on the world, and won't be able to help the people around him like he wished, although he doesn't stop trying. Through this struggle, he realizes that things don't always turn out the way that you plan, and that not everyone gets what they want. Although he might not have gotten what he wanted although he learned what was more important for him in life.
Author's Craft
By doing this, John Green showed the reader how sometimes, we don't always get what we want, but determination might get us closer to our goals, or make us see things in a different way than we did before.
Author's Craft

Another aspect that John incorporates in his writing is the theme of forgiveness.
Author's Craft
Author's Craft
Pudge Halter in
Looking For Alaska
didn't want to face the truth when he heard that his good friend had passed away in a car accident, especially due to the fact that he could have stopped her from doing so. As time goes on, he finds himself stuck in the past of her, when all he wants to do is move on, when he can't stop blaming himself and his other friends for their lack of actions of not being able to protect her. He finally does so by acknowledging what had happened, knowing that he can't change anything that had happened that day. Although it was hard for him to do, forgiving himself gave him the chance to start again, giving him a new outlook on life.
After college, John worked as a chaplain at a children's hospital in Chicago, where he first thought of becomng an author. Soon after, he decided to work for
Magazine, while he began to craft his first novel,
Looking For Alaska,
which was first published in 2005. Later on, he moved from Chicago to New York, before moving back to Indianapolis with his family and leaving
The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars is a phenomenal realistic fiction novel about 2 hilarious teenagers overcoming obstacles with the help of others, and learning to accept themselves and what is going on around them. Hazel Grace is an entertaining, caring character, who has been terminally ill ever since she was 13. She is a homebody who does everything for the sake of her parents and always puts them first. The only time she gets out of the house is when she goes to the infamous, bleak, cancer support group (which her mom makes her go to) or attends classes at the local university. Augustus Waters, a charming, clever, popular character who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, lost his leg in order to have a higher survival rate. When they collide in support group, Hazel is swept off her feet by him, and both of their lives are completely turned around as they support each other through the most difficult emotional and physical challenges.
The Fault in Our Stars
This book is told in Hazel's point of view, and is an amazing novel for many reasons. One reason why this book was so good was because of the different themes occurring that make you think about and question the characters choices. The descriptions are also very lucid, and the characters so realistic that it makes you feel like you are in the novel with them, going through the same things that they do. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading realistic fiction with lots of humor.
Through this, John shows that
sometimes, in order to move on from troubling experiences, we have to accept things for what they are, and forgive any mistakes that we might have made. We can;t chande the past, but we can chage where we go from there.
The Fault in Our Stars
, Kaitlyn and Hazel couldn't be more different when it comes to appearance and personality. Hazel, a mature, honest, reserved character is the complete opposite of Kaitlyn, who is an outgoing, social, open character. When these two are together, there is a stark contrast in their personalities, for example, when Augustus passed away, Kaitlyn called to check up on Hazel right away, while Hazel kept to herself.
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