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Strategic Goal

No description

Yves De los Reyes

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Goal

Action Plan
Strategic Goal
Be at par with leading Eco-Cultural cities in the Philippines in terms of development by 2030
Create dynamic Tourism business Industries
Establish collaborative efforts in securing proper registration of tourism enterprises
Ensure the improvement and maintenance of basic infrastructure, facilities and utilities of Tourism Development Areas
Strengthen capacities to ensure warm and professionalized tourist attractions
Increase the demand for the City’s highly attractive tourism packages
Ensure preservation of the City’s rich heritage
Guarantee data-driven tourism development plans
Intensify campaign on the City’s solid waste management ordinance compliance in tourism establishment
Strengthen the role of the tourism council in eco-tourism development
To develop highly-motivated and capable Tourism personnel/policy makers
Encourage private sector participation in eco-tourism development

Creation of Investment Board
Launching of Abyanko and TurismosaNegosyo Program
Conduct ocular inspection with the City Treasurer’s office on AE’s and other tourism facilities
Work for improvements on the lower scores rated in the Tourist Attraction Evaluation System
Conduct local accreditation seminars for tourism workers

Campaign for DOT/local accreditation of AE’s
Launching of Lakbay Talisay Initiative Program
Craft Marketing Development plan
Make policy for tourism enterprises to regularly submit reports
Craft Tourism Development Plan
Establishment of local tourism statistics system
Established policies and ordinances for the preservation of rich heritage
Implement regulations of Solid Waste Management Ordinance to Tourism Enterprises
Reactivate Talisay City Tourism Council
Capability building workshops to Tourism Personnel and policy makers
Conduct Tourism Awareness seminar to private sector
Craft schedule of tree planting activities, coastal clean up and mangrove planting.
Responsible Persons
Mayor’s Office
Tourism Office/City Treasurer’s Office
Tourism Office/City Planning/Engineering and Mayor’s Office
Tourism Office/DOT Regional Office/Mayor’s Office/BPLO
Tourism Office/DOT Regional Office/Mayor’s Office/BPLO
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